Final Verdict

This felt incredible, feeling lighter in the joints. All parts of the neck were worked too.


Located in the heart of the bustling city centre, there is a door just next to Superdrug to which leads to a staircase up to the Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic.

Today we have been invited to experience a technique of massage that is new to the clinic, this technique incorporates bamboo sticks of different lengths to use as a tool to promote deep tissue work.

The Bamboo Massage was invented long before paper, it is recorded that in East Asia, thin slivers of bamboo had been used to promote health, luck and even spiritual symbolisation.  According to Massage and Body Work, Bamboo was a symbol in Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese cultures as eternal youth and strength.  The Bamboo is warmed up and used as a tool by the massage therapist to knead and massage the muscles of the body – this then promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage, as well as providing a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

As I walk up to the stairs of The Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic I was greeted by a smiley receptionist who advised I take a seat while my therapist is preparing.  Having been to the Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic before at Christmas time (they were kind enough to squeeze me in for a last minute cut and blow dry!) Having never had a massage before; the cheerful reception atmosphere helped calm any last minute nerves.

Angie my therapist greeted me and then took me through to the next floor to where all of the treatments are.  The Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic offers a wide range of treatments from 3D lipomed to Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion.  I am taken into a room, which smells lovely, I later learned that the oils used were a range by the brand “Decleor”,  these were part of the “Aromessasence Oil Serum” range which almost melt into the skin.  Angie also explains that all the products used are provided by “Decleor” as she personally loves the range.  Angie was aware this was my first time and immediately put me at ease, talking me through the treatment room and showing me the Bamboo sticks that were warming up on a heater. So it begins, starting facedown on the fluffy heated bed.

Angie asked what kind of pressure I preferred, having been for a training session with my local running club I opted for medium to hard.  Angie started with slow, subtle massage techniques in order for me to get warmed up and relaxed.  The next step was almost like a fanning technique with the bamboo – which by the way felt amazing!  The way the stick rolled was really satisfying, you could really feel the light pressure working the muscles. 

The highlights for me, Angie uses the sticks to stretch out the limbs.  This felt incredible, feeling lighter in the joints.  All parts of the neck were worked too, if like me you work in a sitting position in an office for a long time I highly recommend, the relief through my spine and neck was much appreciated! At some point, it was hard to tell whether the bamboo was being used or not as I had become so accustomed. 

According to the ‘Treatwell’ publication, this practice of massage stimulates the body tissue, the bamboo has the ability to reduce the “slow, sluggish state,” by promoting circulation and detoxing properties; with the publication stating that some people who have undergone this practice have described these releases as a whole-body tingling or a warming sensation. This sensation I could definitely feel in the lumbar part of my back.

The bamboo was also used to stretch between the fingers and toes, Angie worked from toe to head, treating each area thoroughly.   For me, I would definitely book again.  It wasn’t painful at all it was really enjoyable, at the same time you could feel the muscles being worked through and de-stressed.  The therapist also ensured that I was comfortable with the pressure at all times.

The last part of the treatment, Angie used an “Aromessence” nourishing face treatment which gave me a lovely rosy glow for the rest of the day.  I would highly recommend Angie, she was really calming and knowledgeable about the technique.  For me, the massage was really beneficial, especially in the winter when you tend to feel stiff and cold.

Top tip – drink plenty of water after.

The Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic have some fantastic offers currently, with any three treatments listed in their promotional leaflet for only £60!  A real treat with Mothers day approaching.