The Fourth Emergency Service is Taxis?

On the morning of the 24th July Budget Taxis got a call at 5:30 saying many holidaymakers had been stranded at Newcastle airport due to bad weather and had to be moved to Manchester Airport and they immediately sprang into action.

With all TUI flights grounded, due to the storm going on, Budget managed to get together over 30 multi seater vehicles to transfer over 260 passengers out of the airport and down to Manchester airport, 163 miles away, on time for their replacement’s flights. The journey to Manchester would need in excess of 50 vehicles in order to transport them to the airport.

Owner of Budget Taxis, Mohammed Suleman (Suly) told us how the emergency unfolded:

“We got the call to say that there were in excess of 90 families, many with young children, stranded following the cancellation of their flights, due to the storms and adverse weather conditions.  We couldn’t see this happen to the hard-working people of the North East, many of whom save up all year for their vacations, so we rallied round, contacted as many volunteers as we could and transported them to their re-scheduled flights in Manchester.”

Budget Taxis is now being hailed as a 4th emergency service for how quickly and efficiently they managed to get so many passengers to Manchester airport so efficiently. And their drivers are being hailed as heroes for answering the call for help and looking after these passengers so well. 

Suly concluded:

“We’ve always known that we have the best drivers and staff in the industry, but now we realise that we have the ones with the biggest hearts too, so we can’t thank them enough.  The company that were representing TUI, in order to transport the passengers, C-Mac, were very grateful for our speed and efficiency in the matter and thanked us for stepping in at the 11th hour.”

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