3 Upcoming Winter Events in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

3 Upcoming Winter Events in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

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The winter is nearly upon us, with autumn’s cold air ready to give way to deeper chills. Despite the rapidly dropping temperatures, spirits have never been higher as the prospect of the end-of-year holiday draws closer. Many look forward to this period as an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, wining and dining or relaxing over a Bombay Baccarat game.

The English Northeast is cherished for being one of the most exciting and thriving places to be. With winter coming, tourists and residents have a lot of exciting events to look forward to in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. In this article, we’ll discuss three (3) upcoming winter events not to miss. 

  1. Fenwick Newcastle Santa on the Roof

Fenwick is a UK-based, independent, departmental chain store. It traces its origins as far back as 1882, when John James Fenwick founded it in Newcastle. Nowadays, it hosts one of the most remarkable Christmas experiences in the region. Anyone attending Santa on the Roof is sure to get the ultimate Santa experience.

Tickets for this exciting event have been on sale since September 29th, 2022, a testament to just how anticipated it is in the Tyne-Wear region. So, anyone hoping to make it to the event had better procure their tickets quickly.

The Fenwick Newcastle Santa on the Roof experience starts with a ride in Santa’s Express Elevator to the top of the flagship store. At this point, you’ll meet Santa’s singing reindeer, subsequently getting into an elf mobile on your way to meet Father Christmas and check out Santa’s fabulous, magical cabin. 

Also, you’ll have the opportunity to help the mischievous elves with some decorations. You’ll help design a customized ceramic plate as a take-home gift for yourself! The experience ends with a detour to Café Claus for sweet treats, warming drinks, and pictures with the elves inside Santa’s sleigh. 

  1. Christmas at Gibside

Christmas at Gibside is a night event featuring a tour of an illuminated trail through exquisite festive gardens at the National Trust’s Gibside. Attendees can expect to be treated to the brilliant sights of more than a million twinkling lights and groovy seasonal sounds to put them firmly in the festive mood. 

Such a tour is best enjoyed with company, and you’re enjoined to bring your friends and family along on this magical night walk. Discover glittering tunnels of light, and stroll beneath massive baubles and sparkling trees drenched in glittering, jewel-like vibrance. 

You can reflect on the enchanting, flickering flames of the fire garden and astound your senses with the massive illumination. In addition, you can look forward to delighting your taste buds with various cuisines by independent street food vendors.

  1. The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties are a period of rich historical significance. Today, it’s a Christmas event celebrated at the Newcastle Racecourse. Visitors are urged to don their glad tags in readiness for a massive Christmas party featuring themed bars and world-class DJs churning out terrific 20th-century jazz music. 

The wining and dining experiences are fascinating. Additionally, the lavish three-course meals topped with heady drinks are enough to make mouths water in anticipation. The event’s venue, Newcastle Racecourse, is easily accessible from all major routes within the city, including train stations. Just as well, there’s adequate free parking on the premises. 

Final Thoughts

The Christmas and end-of-year holiday cheer are infectious, and hardly anyone can resist unconsciously counting down the days to when it finally arrives. 

The city of Newcastle is rich in culture, especially during the winter festivities. As such, tourists and residents will surely have the time of their lives with several exciting winter events to look forward to.

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