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AL MURRAY – Landlord of Hope & Glory Review

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AL MURRAY – Landlord of Hope & Glory Review

AL MURRAY – LANDLORD OF HOPE AND GLORY Review – Newcastle Theatre Royal

The Pub Landlord came to Newcastle’s Theatre Royal for a one night performance, and well…the best discussions come from pub talk and Al Murray is the king of it!

The pub landlord character that we witnessed has been primed and polished over twenty-five years of performance, First originating in 1994 at the Edinburgh fringe and in 2000 had its own series running for 2 years called ‘Time Gentleman Please’ on Sky as well as stand up tours and other appearances, Al Murray is as synonymous with the character as much as Leigh Francis is Keith Lemon.

Tonight Al Murray came to offer us Hope & Glory in this Brexit themed show. After 3 years of no hope, no glory and lots of politicians not being able to decide on…well pretty much anything. We the Newcastle audience needed to be lifted and given a ray of sunshine that brought a smile to our faces and told the truth.

No support act emphasised that Al is ready to go and as such doesn’t need a warm up. Lights down and music playing, crowd clapping –  Al entered the stage, to a huge cheer. Singing along to his Brexit song, he mutters ‘No Deal, is better than a bad deal’ we see what side this pub landlord is on.

The first half of the show is Al challenging us the audience to help to get the country back to where it should be and to sort out the mess these politicians have got us into, which led to an explanation of how we got to ‘Shit Creek’ talking about politicians on both sides of the argument and their contribution and how he now needed a team to paddle us out of it. Queue audience participation – and i have to say this was one of the most interactive comedy shows I’ve seen in a while. Prior warning though if you are picked in his team of saviours be ready to be referred too for the rest of the night! Al was diverse in his participants going from young to old, ginger to bald, fit and healthy to diabetics. I also was impressed with Al’s inclusion of little local quips and knowledge as well as his uncanny Geordie accent!

The second half he sets out to liberate us, freeing us from constraints and rules that we have been told to abide by. Some of that being social media, a mans birth right to scratch his balls, beating speed cameras, and the bemoaning of millennial’s being offended by everything, whilst also stating three key facts from life that will release us from the suffering we have endured all this time.

This show contains mild sexism, stereotyping, a great patriotic British belief and all the regular things you may still hear down the pub or in private at home, even in a modern society that seems to be offended easily. Comedy is maybe the one area you can get away with it and Al Murray does it to great effect and cannot be taken too seriously. This show gives us some light relief from what you see daily on TV about the ongoing saga and for once we can just laugh at it instead.

One of the best live performances I’ve seen in a while. Great night out and get down the pub (theatre) and grab a ticket if you can!

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