Countdown begins for play based on HG Wells classic

Countdown begins for play based on HG Wells classic

The clock is ticking for people to catch The Time Machine at The Customs House.

The stage adaptation of HG Wells’ classic novel is Dyad Productions’ ninth original production in as many years, having premiered at Assembly during Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2017, to five-star reviews and “highly recommended” praise.

Written and directed by Elton Townend Jones and produced by Rebecca Vaughan, it stars Stephen Cunningham as a Victorian time traveller who transcends across the ages from 1900 to our own far future – from the fall of man to the end of the world.

Townend Jones said: “2018: In this age of uncertainty, where the shadows of tyranny, intolerance and war darken the path into tomorrow, how much time do we have left? If civilisation falls today, what will become of us?

“Can we change the future, or has the end already begun? A philosophical journey, a nightmare adventure, a cautionary tale – this is the story of us all.”

Dyad Productions creates, produces and tours classic theatre with an innovative and contemporary emphasis.

Previous productions include Austen’s Women, which came to The Customs House last year, Jane Eyre: An Autobiography, Dalloway, The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe, Female Gothic, I, Elizabeth, The Diaries of Adam and Eve and Christmas Gothic.

The Time Machine comes to The Customs House on Thursday, October 4, at 7.30pm. Tickets, priced from £13, are available from the box office on (0191) 454 1234 or online at



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