Denis Coleman

Denis Coleman

Newcastle University on Friday 11th October

Denis Coleman is back with an ultimate pop hit ‘All I Wanna Know’. Born and raised in the USA, Denis is now based in the city of London producing and creating pop songs. There has been endless enthusiasm for Denis Coleman from media outlets The Sun, Shout Magazine, 1883 Magazine, Celeb Mix, CLASH Magazine and Spindle Magazine. Denis has also been a favourite over at BBC Radio Manchester, Sussex and Merseyside. Along with countless praise from FunKids Live and Radio City

“The rising star, who’s latest single is called Imperfect, admitted the first time he met The Vamps things were a little awkward because he walked into their dressing room by mistake.” – The Sun

Denis quotes that “this track is about when you’re starting to get to know someone and you want to find out what’s going on in her head. You see the girl looking at you in funny ways and acting kind of strange and she’s overall quite confusing.” Denis describes that the song is about this sort of experience. Coleman continues to quote “in the bridge, the song goes to her perspective, where you find out she’s thinking the exact same things about me. She just wants to know if I feel the same way that she does. And then at the end, I answer her question and it’s happily ever after”

“I think the song also applies to a lot of the divides today in society and politics, and I think that somewhat subconsciously influenced me. There’s a lot of hate in the world today and at the root of it – I think – is a lack of understanding. If we could communicate better and understand what both sides were thinking and meaning, a lot of issues could be resolved. At the end of the day, All I Wanna Know is how to bring people together, and that communication and understanding each other is key.

“One year ago, before I went on tour and before any of this was even possible in my mind. I went to see The Vamps at the O2 in London, and I thought ‘oh wow that’s amazing what they have just done, one day I can do that too’. Then just one year later, I supported them at the O2 Arena, and it was mind blowing” – Denis Coleman, London Live

Denis Coleman was the official support act for The Vamps Four Corner’s tour along with HRVY and New Hope Club. At just the of sixteen he has performed at venues such as The O2 Arena, Birmingham Arena, Belfast’s SSE Arena and many more iconic music venues. Since his huge success from this, Denis also had his own headline shows across the UK and is now to be supporting New Hope Club in their 2019 Autumn Tour.

Denis began his musical career aged 5, when he first picked up a violin. Discovering a passion for music, he began studying at the Royal College of Music, where he also began composing music. At the age of 10, he wrote his first pop song.

Just a few years later, he won the nationwide song writing competition of Open Mic UK with his original song RADIO (written age 12), attracting attention from talent scouts and tv shows. Denis is now the brand ambassador for The Power of Muzik, a mental health and anti-bullying campaign founded by celebrity vocal coach CeCe Sammy. He has also been touring the UK, visiting schools and sharing his experience with music, as well as talking to students about how to overcome adversity today.

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