Dosa Kitchen offers an alternative Sunday Lunch

Dosa Kitchen offers an alternative Sunday Lunch


DINERS LOOKING to switch up their Sunday routine can now book to enjoy a traditional South Indian meal at Dosa Kitchen at Jesmond. 

The restaurant’s Sunday Sapaad Feast is a set menu available in a choice of vegetarian, non-vegetarian or children’s servings.

Sapaad translates to ‘meal’ in Tamil, and the concept features a selection of different dishes which cover the six ayurvedic tastes – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent -accompanied by rice and dosa.

Dosa Kitchen was the first restaurant to offer Sapaad in the North East back in its earliest days in 2015, when it started life as a pop-up before heading to its permanent base at the heart of Jesmond, just off Osborne Road. 

Diners ordering the vegetarian Sapaad can enjoy two starters and three main dishes – a choice of a Poriyal vegetable stew, or Pachadi fresh pickle, a Kozhambu curry and a Kootu curry- for £15.99.

The non-vegetarian option also includes two starters, this time one fish and one meat dish, while for the three main dishes, diners can enjoy a Muttai (egg) Masala curry, a meat Kozhambu curry and a fish side dish, at £16.99.

Both of the Sapaad dishes are served with dosa, sambhar, chutney, rice, rasam, pickles, yoghurt and paapad, a selection of sides and sauces which can be enjoyed in various combinations. 

Dosa, the dish from which the restaurant takes its name, is a thin pancake made of black lentils, and is recommended for dipping into the various plates on offer.

Children can enjoy a slightly smaller offering of one starter and one main side alongside Sambhar and yoghurt, for the price of £6.95.

To finish, visitors can enjoy a homemade Indian ice cream – Kulfi  – available in mango or a malai (Indian clotted cream)flavour.

Co-owner, Sudharsan Murugavel said, “Dosa Kitchen has years of experience in bringing the very best Indian flavours to Newcastle, and we hope diners will choose us as an exciting alternative to their typical Sunday dinners.

“Our epic Sapaad feast has the potential for so many different combinations of flavours and tastes, especially as we change the dishes each Sunday.

“We can’t wait for diners to experiment and learn when they come to Dosa Kitchen, and we’re sure no one will leave feeling hungry.” 

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