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‘Inside the Mind of Psychopaths – LIVE’

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‘Inside the Mind of Psychopaths – LIVE’

Are you a ‘Good Psychopath’? Have you ever wondered if you are a psychopath? You might be very surprised by the results.

Live from the studio on Sunday, 21st February, a 2-hour online talk ‘Inside the Mind of Psychopaths – LIVE’ will put you to the test. Hosted by Crime Viral’s founder and serial killer expert Cheish Merryweather, there will be an interactive test where audience members can test their levels of psychopathy.

But don’t worry – if you do score high on the psychopathy scale (and hopefully you have never committed a violent crime!) then you might be a ‘Good Psychopath’.

According to Dr. Kevin Dutton, an Oxford University psychologist and leading researcher in psychopathy, he argues that some psychopathic traits can lead to a more successful life. After all, having a charismatic, charming, and fearless personality doesn’t sound so bad.

Dr. Dutton examines in his book ‘The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success’, which he cowrote with novelist and real-life psychopath Andy McNab, that other traits such as impulsivity, lack of empathy, and ruthlessness can also be beneficial.

Statistically, you will find most ‘Good Psychopaths’ at the very top of the corporate ladder; roughly 4% to 12% of CEOs exhibit psychopathic traits, and the most popular career choices for psychopaths are CEO, attorney, media personality, and salesperson.

Audience members will be given a series of three psychology tests based on expert research and then they will receive an overall score which can be shared in the live chat – if they dare.

Cheish said, “During the UK tour we enjoyed for the first few months of last year, the final half of the talk I go through ‘How To Spot A Psychopath’. So many people would come to me at the end and ask if I thought THEY were a psychopath. It’s really fascinating how genuinely intrigued we are about discovering the dark side of our nature. ‘Inside the Mind of Psychopaths – LIVE’ really goes explores this and asks: ‘What are we actually capable of?”

Also during the online talk, Cheish will cover ‘How To Spot A Psychopath’, ‘What Does A Psychopath Brain Look Like?’ and ‘Psychopaths in Film – how right does Hollywood get psychopathy?’.

Tickets are on sale now:


Facebook event:
Inside The Mind Of Psychopaths – LIVE on Sunday, 21st February
Duration: 90 minutes + interactive psychopath test + 15 minute Q&A
Recommended age: 16+ THIS IS AN ONLINE EVENT (VIA ZOOM)

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