It’s Jammy Time

It’s Jammy Time

As money is tighter than ever and cash for luxuries seems like a thing of the past, one company has launched a brand-new App to offer individuals and businesses the benefits of collaborations

The App; Get Jammy, which is now available at the App Store, was the brainchild of businessmen, Matt Haycock, and Steve Imray as they sought to offer a solution to the never-ending financial crisis that is not only affecting the general public, but businesses alike, especially in the retail, leisure, and hospitality industries.

Get Jammy offers the end user pre-agreed discounts at venues throughout the North East in the form of a spin the wheel style game, which then determines which of the offers are available to you, to take advantage of.  The businesses, or partners that offers these discounts are free to choose whatever they wish and can utilise the slower times of business to increase footfall.

The term, Jammy, in the North East, at least refers to a slang definition of getting something for nothing and is used verbally to someone who has had a particular unexpected lucky streak.

The win, win situation is created by allowing users of the App to gain benefits that wouldn’t normally be available to them, in a fun format and the companies offering the discounts the ability to introduce their businesses to customers, who may not be aware of them, thus increasing their client base.  The partners do not pay a penny to be part of the Get Jammy experience.

Business partner Steve Imray explained more:

“The App itself is jammed full of benefits, pardon the pun!  The aim for the business is to increase footfall and revenue, boost the business in quieter times, attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and get offers out to potential customers super-fast and efficiently, directly to their phones.

“For the end-user, they get offers sent directly to their phones, get to play a fun game in the process and are able to spend their wins by redeeming what offer they’ve won at the business on the App itself – all for just £1.99 per month.”

The appeal to students, families, business colleagues and friends can benefit substantially, if used regularly and more information is available from

The trial, which was extensively carried out earlier this year, saw many Newcastle-based and surrounding areas businesses sign up, including Jesmond Dene House, Gill’s Fish & Chips, A&S Aesthetics, Zeera restaurant, Orangegrass restaurant, Dobson and Parnell, to name just a few.

As Fresher’s Fairs are well underway, the bosses at Get Jammy have had an influx of students wanting to take advantage of the App and it has been equally as enthusiastically by the businesses wanting to take part.

Imray concluded:  

“We’re incredibly excited to be able to get to this stage, as it has been four years in the making, so a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gotten us to this stage.  The trial period has seen many businesses and individuals take full advantage of the offers and it is really encouraging that this can be extended to the rest of the UK.”

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