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Jamie Raven review

Jamie Raven review

A guest blog by Ashleigh Swan from Ashleigh Money Saver

You may have heard of Jamie Raven? He shot to fame in 2015 when he appeared on Britains Got Talent. He managed to get all the way to the semi-finals and finished in 3rd place, that is some achievement. 

He appeared with his mind-blowing magic show which resulted in Simon Cowell saying he now believed in magic – wow! If you can get a comment like that from Simon Cowell then you are quite obviously pretty spectacular! 

The ‘Making Magic’ magic show is the second tour Jamie Raven has done. His first was a huge success and I was wondering if he would be able to come up with great new tricks that would continue to wow the audience.

I needn’t have worried, the whole show was amazing from start to finish.

Let me tell you a little about it without giving away too much. You still have the chance to see him on his remaining dates of the – tour so if you a looking for a great night out for the whole family then you need to head along to the Making Magic tour.

I went along to the show with my son, Jamie. He is 11 and really into ‘cool’ tricks right now so he was very excited for the show to start.

As we took our seats there was an envelope on each seat which was sealed. It mysteriously said ‘Do not open until Jamie tells you to’ – we will come back to that part soon…

You could take a selfie before or during the show and post it to social media with a certain hashtag. A computer system would then collect all the selfies and show them on a giant screen on the stage. 

We played along with this and my son and I sent 2 selfies hoping we would be picked to play along in the evenings show.

A computer system randomly selected 6 audience members throughout the night to go and help on stage with some of the tricks. Unfortunately, we didn’t get chosen but we still had such a great time watching everyone who was lucky enough to be called up on stage.

The tricks included everything from a young girl from the audience levitating above a chair and performing her own magic trick that Jamie guided her through.

Jamie turned Britains Got Talent cash notes into £50 notes – I wish he could do this with my money!

Other tricks turning two £2 coins into a handful of £2 coins, turning one cup and one wine bottle into 2 cups and enough wine bottles to see me over Christmas and New Year this year and the usual card tricks you would expect to see.

Many times throughout the show I was gasping and saying ‘Wow! How DID he do that?!’

I was originally heading along to the show for the sake of my son but I thoroughly enjoy myself and was really getting into the show and chanting and clapping along. I am not ashamed to say he did blow my mind with a lot of his tricks.

One of the tricks which stands out the most for me is when he invited up an audience member and he asked if he could borrow her ring. He made it disappear and then he made her open a box which had been hanging on a stand during the whole act. 

Inside the box was another box, and another, and another and so on until the final box contained her ring, her ACTUAL ring!! 

How did he manage this?! We could all see the box, SHE opened the boxes… 

Ok, so back to that mysterious envelope. The envelope was a trick we had to perform ourselves. There were 4 photos of random people and we have to rip the photos in half which left us with 8 pieces of paper. We had to shuffle the pieces of paper, throw the ones away on the top of the pile, shuffle again, throw away another piece, shuffle again and so on until we were left with 2 pieces of paper.

The remaining 2 pieces of paper would fit back together perfectly and be the top and bottom half of the same person – which would create the original image again!! How did he do this?! WE were shuffling the paper!! Mind blown!

I think I have to agree with Simon Cowell… I also now believe in magic!

At the end of the show, you had the opportunity to Meet Jamie Raven in the foyer and he was so lovely!

He took the time to say hello and talk to each child individually and even giving the adults a handshake and hug and thanking them for coming to his show.

It’s definitely one of my favourite nights out in a while and when he comes back on his 3rd tour, I will be first in line to snap up tickets.

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