Junkyard Golf Club: Where cocktails meet crazy

Junkyard Golf Club: Where cocktails meet crazy

Junkyard Golf Club has gone back to its roots and has launched a whole new cocktail menu that is just as crazy and immersive as the courses. Known for pushing the boundaries of fun, Junkyard Golf Club is more than just crazy golf, but a place to face your fears and lose your head in a basement horror rave.

Whether you navigate past the cage-fighting grizzly bears or zigzag through a terrifying carousel filled with fairground junk, the brand-new cocktail menu is designed to help take you on a twisted journey into their world of psychotic creepy clowns, auto-junk disco dens and basement horror raves.

Full of nostalgic flavours and exotic twists, each cocktail is made with the same attention to detail and crazy surprises that Junkyard Golf Club is known for.

10 new cocktails have been added to the menu, each inspired by one of the crazy courses inside the Junkyard Golf Club venues: 1. CREEPY CLOWN: Beefeater Pink Strawberry Gin, Licor 43, Ribena Strawberry, topped with vanilla cream and sprinkles.

FIZZ POP: Absolut Vodka, Cherry Sourz, bubblegum, Blue Curaçao, Ting, bubblegum bottles and a Fizz Wiz.

DISCO IS DEAD: Malibu, Blend Passion Fruit, lemon and pineapple, served in an iconic disco ball.

TOXIC WASTE: Midori, Apple Sourz, lime sherbet, apple and Ting with a toxic blue drizzle.

PABLO’S RUM PUNCH: Havana Club Cuban Spiced, Appleton Signature and Wray & Nephew Rums, Velvet Falernum, mango, pineapple and strawberry.

KEY WEST CAR CRASH: Malfy Limon Gin, Limoncello, lime and white chocolate, with toasted vanilla meringue and a burnt-out toy car.

PINK FLAMINGO: Tequila Rose, Malibu, strawberry, lime sherbet and pineapple.

GARY’S GRIMSHAKE: Absolut Vanilia Vodka, Giffard Cassis Noir, vanilla, blackcurrant and cream.

BOZO’S BAD BUBBLES: Absolut Vodka, Thunder Toffee Vodka, Baileys, butterscotch and cream, topped with popcorn air.

PORN AGAIN: Absolut Vanilia Vodka, blended passion fruit, pineapple, lemon and cream soda.

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