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Kelly Jones – Dont let the Devil Take Another Day Solo Tour

Sage Gateshead was the venue of choice for Stereophonics front man’s Kelly Jones solo tour. #Don’tLetTheDevilTakeAnotherDay.

The last time I saw him was at the Arena in Newcastle, a huge venue. This gig was already set to be so much more intimate, stripped back and at times raw.

Seated in row L seats 29 and 30 the whole stage was able to be seen (as long as no really tall people didn’t sit in from of me). The evening was a sell-out, and the ambience great.

The start of the gig wasn’t the first time we saw Mr. Jones. We were running a little late and almost decided to have a drink but were curious to see the warm-up act. As we entered the side door Kelly himself, was on stage to introduce his support act, The Wind & The Wave. The hall was quiet and believe me the people who missed them, missed out, so much so a separate review is coming.

By the end of the act, the hall had really started to fill up. The staging, simple and effective, a cradle of stars lit the overhead and the backdrop a makeshift Persian rug. I was curious to know why there were larva lamps but the Welsh dragon needed no explanation.

Kelly entered the stage guitar in hand and starts to talk about his life and his bath time growing up as the smallest of three boys and how the older two wouldn’t share their silver ghetto blaster when it was finally time for his bathso he had to create his own tunes. All the while he played a subtle repeating riff. The riff leads into the first track ‘Hurry Up and Wait’ which at first was easily recognisable as a song I had listened to so many, the different instrumentation threw me but I kinda liked that.

Track two was also known, ‘You’re My Star’ about his daughter. Next, there were a few ‘tracks with girls names one of which was Suzy, always a sucker for a song with my nickname.

I loved the anecdotal stories weaving their way through the night. He beat on his friend’s car for sleeping with his woman. He’d bought that car for his friend, ‘Alpha Romeo, Gun Metal Grey’ and his ex friend is ‘still a **nt. Anecdotes also included how the daughter’s of Rolling Stones, Keith Richards flashed their knickers at him and Stuart ‘bust the crust of his (KR’s)shepherd’s pie an absolute nono apparently.

Covers included Kris Kristofferson’s ‘Help me make it through the night’which was part of his dad’s set and Stevie Nicks, ‘Stop draggin my heart around’ where Petty from The Wind And The Wave sang and the unison was perfection.

The females in the band included a feisty female drummer who constantly looked like she was in a wind tunnel and a violin player both were great to listen to.

The set ended but it didn’t feel finished. Like any gig an encore is a must and expected too. I was hoping for ‘The Handbag and The Gladrags’ albeit a cover I associate it with the Stereophonics instead we got Dakota which was still really good.

I really liked this gig, the vocals were on point, the musical arrangement switching from piano to guitar and back but nothing will beat a full on Stereophonics gig..

Note to everyone, if you see Kelly in a bookstore looking for a book don’t be that **at and ask him for a selfie (he didn’t state when it would be ok to ask).

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