Lee Kyle Stand Up Show

Lee Kyle Stand Up Show

Disco Twix – Stand Comedy Club, Newcastle – 22nd November 2022

It took Lee Kyle a long time to realise he might be an oddball.

He was sat under a tree in a cemetery, in that tree were thirteen pairs of shoes he’d thrown into said tree. Sat next to him was a lass who used to be in Byker Grove who might be his sister, and he was playing with a Guinea Pig he accidentally owns. He was in his forties.

This is a show about trying to come to terms with weirdness, about being a feminine heterosexual man and how growing up on a Jarrow council estate shaped the idea that he should hide his oddness.

It’s about how ‘You can’t say anything these days’ which, in his typically firebrand way, he’s turned on its head by saying what he wants. It’s just that what he wants to say is aggressively left wing and very much the sort of thing that the free speech lot seem to disagree with.

This is a show that is personal but also wide ranging, a show that contains angry politics and personal doubt, a show about gender but from a very different perspective than we are told straight white men from the North East would have.

Lee is the best comedian that hardly anyone has heard of, with a cult following that really should be bigger. He has a knack for killer routines and a singular style of delivery that wins over audiences everywhere.

This show will be filmed for release.

Still not convinced? Don’t take his word for it, these folks have said nice things about him…

Biography information 

‘Subtle genius’ (NE1 Magazine)

‘Sublimely ridiculous’ (Northern Echo)

‘Very funny’ (Manchester Evening News)

‘Genius… Kyle is one to come back for’ (Leicester Mercury)

‘Whip smart jokes’ (One4review)

**** – Northeast Theatre Guide

***** – Edfringe Comedy

***** Popculture-y (Aus)

***** – Mumble

***** – Vegas7 (USA)

***** – Funny Tonne (Aus)

**** – The Wee Review

**** – One4review

Lee Kyle is one of the most inventive yet adaptable acts in the UK, known for his ability to adapt to any audience, he’s one of the top comedians for kids in the UK but it’s his longer, story driven adult shows that really stand out.  Able to seamlessly weave quirky stand up into stories that resonate with any audience, Lee is a top notch ad-libber, able to think on his feet with and impressive creativity that has made him a much in demand compere throughout the UK and beyond.

A former champion wrestler, his book Spandex Ballet was a hit in 2016, he is also a podcast host and was one of the principle writers and stars of Cinderella and the Beanstalk, The Stand Comedy Clubs smash hit alternative panto.  A regular at the Edinburgh fringe, this is Lee’s 5th solo show. Lee is also a board member for Felt Nowt, the world’s only comedian run Cooperative CIC.

For interviews, contact Lee on 077133 44807 or via email at leekylecomedy@gmail.com

Lee Kyle 

Disco Twix
Stand Comedy Club, Newcastle
22nd November



*Photo CreditL Sammy Dobson

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