LOVESONG by Abi Morgan

LOVESONG by Abi Morgan

“That is the story of our beginning.  And this is the story of the end.”

The People’s Theatre in Heaton open their new Season this month with LOVESONG by Abi Morgan, the award-winning writer of ‘The Split’.

LOVESONG is the story of one couple, told from two different points in their lives: as young lovers in their twenties and as worldly companions looking back on their relationship from old age. Time is fluid as their past and present selves collide in this emotional drama. Love is a leap of faith, and the optimism of youth becomes the wisdom of experience.

As well as hit BBC drama ‘The Split’ starring Nicola Walker, BAFTA-winning writer Morgan’s screen credits include ‘The Hour’ and ‘Suffragette’, while her bestselling memoir ‘This Is Not A Pity Memoir’ about how life can change in an instant has recently been adapted for BBC Radio 4. 

A playful, heart-warmingly funny and tragic drama, LOVESONG speaks to all ages with its exploration of ageing and falling in love, the highs and lows of a relationship and the fragility of life. 

Jim Boylan who plays Billy comments: “I have just moved to Newcastle and this is my first production with the famous People’s theatre – I am very excited about it. I love this play. It is a poignant, funny and moving exploration of a relationship at two stages in its course. We have a fantastic team of people on this production; so committed and professional in their approach – I am in awe of all of them.”

Though widely performed in the south of England over the last decade, the People’s are delighted to bring this beautiful and haunting drama of livelong love and togetherness to the North East.

LOVESONG is playing at in the Studio Theatre at the People’s from Tuesday 13th to Saturday 17th September. The People’s are offering a reduced-capacity performance on the Tuesday for audience members who prefer a less busy space where mask-wearing is required. Find out more and book your tickets at ​

LOVESONG is the first play of the new Season at the People’s, and they’re taking you through to February with a varied line-up that includes comedy in THE GOOD LIFE, drama with sharp thriller DEATHTRAP and a whimsical THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, reimagined classics BRIEF ENCOUNTER and EVERYMAN, and family fun with AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS and the Panto GOLIDLOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS! All details at

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