Adopted Geordie


It was only a few month ago Dave and I were strolling down the Bigg Market and commenting on how it needed some money invested into some of the dilapidated old pubs of our late teen and early 20s nights out. Revolucion de Cuba has gone someway to revive the area and now new kid on the block Market Shaker is raising the profile of the area even more.

Taken over from where Liquid used to be, they haven’t changed the layout of the place. The bar is still in the middle with a large standing/dancing area and seats around the edge, but Liquid, this is not. 

It’s transformed form the city’s most hellish of ‘night clubs’ to a really cool, really swanky totally instagrammable place to kick about on a weekend with your mates. Neon signs? Check Flamingos on the wall? Check. Sun terrace for the one day a year it’s warm enough to sit outside? Check. Pizza partnership with super trendy, super tasty Scream for Pizza? Wait, what?

See, Newcastle already has some pretty decent night life and with places like Banyan and Eden having opened recently, there’s only so many flower walls or neon signs one city can handle. What sets Market shaker apart is their small but perfectly formed food offering courtesy of Scream for Pizza. They have pre made slices available to buy on the spot for £2.50 each or a full pizza for if you wanted to stay and make an evening of it. Quite frankly, having a ‘pizza bar’ where you can order a slice along with your glass of prosecco is inspired and I think something which will go down really well. 

In terms of drinks all the usual suspects are present and correct; beer, wine, cocktails, shots, the world is your oyster and take it from someone who is quite the expert, there’s no booze that doesn’t go with pizza. 

I hope that Market Shaker does well, they certainly seem to have had a successful opening weekend because they’re exactly with the cloth market have been screaming out for. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a resurgence of that strip of town!

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