Moonlight, Cameras, Action

Moonlight, cameras, action: recreating Oscar-nomination films by the Moon

With the 91st Academy Awards set to take place in the early hours of Monday (25 February GMT), Life Science Centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK has been inspired to play homage to Oscar-nominated movies by recreating famous scenes in front of a seven-metre-wide Moon installed in the venue.

Linda Conlon, Chief Executive of Life, said: “Throughout history, the Moon has played an important role in human culture, so it’s not surprising that it has landed a leading role in many iconic movies, from Steven Spielberg’s E.T. to the Cher classicMoonstruck.

The artwork, Museum of the Moon, was created by UK artist Luke Jerram and has been seen by millions of people throughout the world. It has been exhibited at the Commonwealth Games in Australia and in Aarhus in Denmark as part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations.

As well as featuring scenes from, E.T. and Moonstruck, the science centre also recreated the film poster for this year’s Oscar-nominated film First Man, in which Ryan Gosling portrays Neil Armstrong during the historic first Moon landing.

Luke Jerram, the creator of Museum of the Moon, said: “The Moon acts as a ‘cultural mirror’ to society, inspiring and influencing music, arts, religion and mythologies in every society around the world. The Moon is both a symbol for romance but also a destination for humanity to fly to. With so many different interpretations, it’s not surprising the Moon features in so many films.”

Museum of the Moon is at Life Science Centre until 6 May 2019. For more information, please visit

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