More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish comes to the Alphabetti Theatre

More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish comes to the Alphabetti Theatre

Exploring race, sexuality and gender, More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish comes to Alphabetti Theatre

Tuesday 15th November – Saturday 3rd December 2022, 1:00pm and 7:30pm

Empowering audiences with its quick-witted and fast paced storytelling, SoreSlap Theatre bring their captivating new show, More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish to Alphabetti Theatre this November. SoreSlap Theatre aims to inspire its audiences and create a safe space where anyone can enjoy theatre to make them stop, laugh, and think.

Set in the not-too-distant future, where toxic masculinity is rewarded and femininity is seen as weak, worlds collide when two people are confined to neighbouring prison cells. Only when they are given no other option, do they find that their lives are more similar than they could have ever imagined. Providing a voice for marginalised communities, More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish combines drama, poetry, and physical theatre to showcase topics of identity and personal politics. More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish is directed by Rosie Bowden (The Wasp, The Customs House; Head Girl, Live Theatre and Edinburgh Fringe Festival) and choreographed by Marshal Siziba (Brotherhood, Alphabetti Theatre).

Writer and performer for Sore Slap Theatre, Rhian Jade comments, We came up with the show from the name, More Blacks, More Dogs, More Irish a saying which to us says no matter how bad things may seem, we can come together to make a stronger, richer environment. The show explores how systems of oppression can wear away at our spirits whilst alone, but when we come together we are able to overcome our differences and empower each other to self-love and change the world!

Writer and performer for Sore Slap Theatre, Papi Jeovani comments, We decided to write this show as we knew it was needed in today’s social climate. This show introduces the world to a form of storytelling rarely used on the stage. It’s innovating, exciting, gets the blood pumping and makes people stop and think. We knew going in we didn’t want a passive audience and using spoken word and physical theatre, the audience will be constantly engaged.

Sore Slap is co-created by Newcastle Upon Tyne-based creatives Rhian Jade and Papi Jeovani. Jade is an actor, creator and producer. Through medium of poetry and physical theatre, their work aims to explore personal identity, current political climates and queerness. Jeovani is an actor, producer and spoken word artist with a drive for curating performance work around social issues such as race, discrimination and representation. Jeovani has previously collaborated with Alphabetti earlier this year, with a response piece to Tree by Gary Kitching and Steve Byron. SoreSlap Theatre was created in 2019 around Jade and Jeovani’s joint vision of a platform for all artists wishing to showcase work that represents their experiences and culture. Having been involved in a variety of spoken word workshops and events, such as Out Of Your Head Poetry, Cobalt Studios and The Lubber Fiend, they wanted to build a platform to facilitate a safe space for marginalised communities. They hope to work with members of the LGBTQIA+ and Global Majority communities in and around Newcastle, to explore and highlight important political topics within the arts industry.

Booking essential. Tickets range from Pay What You Feel to £15 and are available from blacks-more-dogs-more-irish

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