New “Peaky Blinders” inspired murder mystery event comes to the streets of Newcastle in June 2019

Have you ever watched an episode of Sherlock or Luther and thought you could do a better job? Well now you have the chance as CluedUpp is bringing their outdoor detective experience back to Newcastle in June.

Dubbed as a cross between Pokemon-Go and the popular board game Cluedo, players will need to hunt all over town locating virtual witnesses, solving clues and eliminating suspects as they go.  

Taking place entirely via CluedUpp’s award-winning phone app, the game will see teams of up to 6 players competing to unveil the mysterious murderer on Saturday 1st June 2019.

The latest storyline “Sneaky Finders” is inspired by the BBC hit drama series Peaky Blinders and as such detective teams taking part will be tasked with solving a complex murder case set in the 1920’s.

CluedUpp’s founder, Tref Griffiths said “We’ve held events in Edinburgh several times before and always have a fantastic turnout. We can’t wait to see if our detectives are up to the challenge of solving our hardest case yet!

Tickets for the event are on sale now and it is expected that only 100 team places will be initially released, each place costing just £36 per team of 6 adults (little detectives and dogs play for free!).

Would-be Sherlocks can find-out more at