No Show for Sunday for Sammy but young performers to benefit

No Show for Sunday for Sammy but young performers to benefit

It has been announced via social media that one of the North East’s most popular entertainment shows, Sunday For Sammy will not go ahead in 2023 but the Trust’s chairman Tim Healy has sent a message of thanks and a hint of the future to all of its fans. 

The decision to not hold the show has been a difficult one but as Tim says, times are tough, and the economic climate is taking its toll: 

“We’re very much aware that people are struggling with day-to-day living costs at the minute and are watching the pennies.  Everything is becoming more and more expensive.

“And that includes the costs of putting on a show the size of ours. The people on stage work for free but the equipment, lights, hiring the venue, it all adds up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. So, we have reluctantly decided that there won’t be a show in 2023.

“We’ve built up Sunday for Sammy over all these years and we really can’t in good conscience, put on a show that we aren’t 100% sure that people can afford to buy tickets for. That would be wrong of us to risk YOUR money that you have so generously given us over the years.

“We would lose that vital cash that we need to help fund young performers in the region, which is why we do it, after all. So, we’re going to wait till the time is right.” 

The Sunday for Sammy Trust will be announcing two new projects soon which will support young performers and help them to realise their dreams. To date, around £600,000 has been given out to help local young people in the entertainment world and much of that money has come from ticket sales and from the highly popular DVD’s of the shows.

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