Online Slots With a Progressive Jackpot - How Do They Work?

Online Slots With a Progressive Jackpot – How Do They Work?

Online slots remain a great option on casino sites across the world. They are very similar to slot machines and come in many different variations. There are slot games that are based on themes such as TV shows, fantasy, celebs, and sports, among many other options. 

Slot games today are digital in nature and easily accessible on every device, including your smartphone. So, whatever your preferences might be, there are slot games that are definitely worth your time. When we talk about valuable slots, we must mention progressive jackpots. 

Typically, slots have the main prize that can be a jackpot in some instances, but when it comes to progressive jackpots, they are even more entertaining due to the fact that you can potentially get a great prize. If you’re not familiar with online slots or you’re confused by progressive jackpots and how they work, we cover everything that you need to know below. 

Online Slots vs. Slot Machines 

The best online slots in 2022 are a high-quality digital version of slot machines. They function basically the same, but the former was created by iGaming providers that have more space to integrate different innovations and to further expand the collection of slot games. 

Due to the digital nature of slots, although they have many similarities with slot machines, they are, in some ways, different. For example, Big Time Gaming has created Megaways, an innovation that expands the pay-lines of slot games, and it is only available on online slots. But, when it comes to the main prize that you can win by playing slots – that is pretty much the same, except when you are playing slot games in demo mode. You can potentially win jackpots or progressive jackpots when you are plying in a traditional casino or online.  

Not every slot game offers this option. Obviously, progressive jackpots are not part of every run-of-the-mill online slot game. But there is a solid range of progressives that you can play online. You can instantly learn more about the main features of any slot game on the online casino or the official platform of the iGaming provider. 

The details include important features of the game, for example, bonus games that you can play if you land a specific combination of symbols, the RTP of the game, and, of course, details about the main prize. So, if you have played slot games in land-based casinos, you could easily play online slots. The best part is the sheer number of options, easily accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. 


There are two types of jackpots – fixed jackpots that remain the same, no matter how many people play the slot game, and progressive jackpots that are designed to increase over time. There are also so-called network jackpots that encompass several bets placed by casino players from different casino sites, but they all contribute to the same prize. Also, at the moment, there are other popular types of jackpots – hot drop jackpots. The hot drop jackpots are based on a timer which means someone is guaranteed to win it big before the time expires. 

What is a Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot is very popular among casino players. It is a jackpot of slot games that rises in value each time the game is played, but it increases only when the jackpot isn’t won. So, every time a jackpot is not won, the prize increases, hence the name progressive jackpot. 

After the progressive jackpot is won, then the jackpot for the next round is reset to the original value, and the game continues with the same rules. With progressive jackpots online, there are more options to choose from. They function completely the same you just need to visit an online casino.  

Advantages of Progressive Jackpots 

In addition to its having a progressive prize value, there are some progressive slots that may have multiple jackpots. As you would imagine, they are even more sought-after. There are multiple categories of progressive jackpots, such as – Grand and Super Jackpots and Mini, Minor, and, Major jackpots.  

You’ll have to check the payable as well as the official casino site to learn how each jackpot is triggered. That being said, keep in mind that some progressive slots might have a specific limit, which means the jackpot has to be won before the slot is reset to its initial value.  

The only downside is that progressive jackpots might take a while before the prize is won. This is, at the same time, beneficial since you have an opportunity to play slot games with colossal jackpots. Some progressive jackpots online have prizes that are worth thousands or even millions, and this is the main attraction of progressive slot games. 

Payment of Progressive Jackpots  

Since we are talking about large sums of money when we talk about progressive jackpots, some casinos have the policy to pay out the progressive jackpot in instalments – monthly or annually.                This isn’t a policy that you will encounter on every online casino site because there are progressive jackpots that are paid out instantly. One example would be Microgaming’s Mega Moolah jackpot.  

So, before you start playing any casino game, not just progressive slots, make sure to read the terms and conditions on the website. In addition, you can also find more information about their payment policy in the FAQ section or next to the payment methods on the platform.  


In conclusion, progressive slots are quite popular on casino sites, as well as traditional casinos, because they offer huge prizes that were accumulated over a longer period of time. They are also based on so many different themes which make the gaming experience more enjoyable like. For example, there are slots based on famous musicians like Elvis, rock bands, films, Asian-inspired slots, and many other options.  This is the main appeal of progressive jackpots is the prize, especially if there isn’t a prize limit in place.  

The iGaming providers have noticed a high demand for progressive jackpots, which is why they have created innovative, and popular progressives such as Mega Moolah which is considered a fan-favorite slot. In addition to that, there are other progressive slots that you could play on different sites, which are also available on new mobile devices, like Mercy of the Gods, Mega Jackpots Wheel of Fortune, Divine Fortune, and many others.  

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