There’s something for thrill seekers and scaredy cats alike at the North East’s biggest scream park next month.

Psycho Path returns from 1 October, with a site revamp, new scares and even more horrors in store for those brave enough to visit.

And this year organisers are trying something a little different by awarding each of their attractions a scare score out of 10, so visitors can decide just how far they want to push their limits before they enter. 

Those feeling fearless can see if they still feel the same after facing new horror Isolation, which has been awarded a top score of 10 on the scale. 

The attraction, which visitors have to face alone, houses a whole host of terrors themed around common phobias and offers up to four new scares for those brave enough to enter more than once. 

On the other end of the spectrum, sensory house of horrors iScream has been rated as a seven out of 10 – making it a great choice for those wanting to work up to the more intense scares.

Elsewhere in the park, Psycho City’s nightmarish inhabitants and apocalyptic setting has earned it a score of eight, while thrill seekers can expect terrifying effects and scares around every corner at Corn-ered, which is rated a nine out of 10.

And those who want a true break from the terror can head back to Stage Fright to enjoy some frightful performances, along with a wide variety of street food and drink vendors on offer. 

Matt Smyth of 700 Acres Ltd, which organises Psycho Path, hopes the scare scores will encourage visitors to push their limits.

“Every year we get questions about just how scary Psycho Path is, so this time we decided to award scare scores to offer a little sneak peek of what might be in store within,” he said. 

“While the scream park is designed to be a fun and exhilarating night out, we know not everyone has the same thresholds when it comes to being scared.

“Awarding each of the attractions a score means groups have the option to start out with those at the lower end of the scale – and hopefully that will give them the confidence to work up to some of our more intense scares.”

Tickets start at £23 and any children aged 13 to 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. To book, visit

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