PsychoPath – No Way Out

PsychoPath – No Way Out

A guest blog review by confessionsofamummy

If you’re from The North East and you haven’t heard about Psycho Path yet I can only assume you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few months. Psycho Path is one of The North East’s most eagerly awaited events of 2018 – with a huge 158,000 views on it’s original video with that number still growing.

Set deep within 700 acres of isolated farmland, surrounded by a dense forest at Lintz Hall Farm, Psycho Path is the brainchild of directors Christiano Crawford and Nigel Holliday – with the seed being planted for this event some 5 years ago.

Psycho Path has been dubbed the scariest Halloween event in The North East this year and I was kindly invited along to the press night to try out the event, first hand, myself. I’m not going to lie; I was absolutely petrified at the thought of this event… so much so I was considering backing out last minute.  The event takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and is set across a range of terrains, expect to get down and dirty so to speak. The build up and the suspense of this event has been huge, everyone has been talking about it!

From the moment you step foot on to the site you know you’re in for a treat. Enter into the main barn area which is adorned with a variety of food stalls, cocktail bar and gin bar – perfect for those pre-scare drinks to help calm your nerves. The prices at the barn are very reasonable too, £5 for a large wine, £4ish for a pint of beer.

Here you’ll also be introduced to some of the cast members, mainly a crazy, psycho doctor magician who hammers nails into his nose and punches staples into his head…

When you’re time is up at the barn you are called forward to a waiting area around the back of the barn where you watch a video on what you’re about to endure. From there you’re bundled into the back of a van, told NO PHONES and NO TALKING. The doors are slammed shut and with an almighty thud, the wheels of the van are screeching and off into the wilderness you go. You become so disorientated, you’re being thrown around the van, your heart is in your chest and you’re questioning to yourself if you’ve done the right thing by coming here. Suddenly the van comes to an almighty halt and the doors are flung open with a voice shouting, “The first 4 people out NOW!” There’s no messing around, you do as this voice says. One of your team members, in this case myself, is handed the one and only head torch and you’re sent on your way. You can see nothing in front of you, just darkness, and all you can hear is screaming ahead of you… let the games begin.

Now I don’t want to give the game away too much. One of the biggest things that is stressed when you’re there is that phones and cameras are STRICTLY not allowed. Anyone caught using them will be taken from the course immediately.  This is to ensure everyone takes an equal amount of scare factor from the event and it doesn’t ruin the surprise for anyone else.

So, the question on everyone’s lips is, “Is it scary?” My answer to you is yes. It is scary. Very bloody scary for that matter but not as scary as I was making it out to be in my head. That isn’t a bad thing when I say it wasn’t as scary as I thought because I have a crazy, overactive mind and I was imagining to get chased through the forest in pitch black, captured and dragged away by your ankles… crazy things like that and I am pleased that didn’t happen as I think I would have cried. I’ve never had as much fun at an event for a long time; I literally had the best time ever.

The course is so much fun and you’ll get a great laugh from it, especially if you’re like me and refused to turn on your head torch at your team mates expense! The suspense of what is coming up next is a feeling I’ve never experienced as intense as this before. You have no clue what is lurking around the next corner or what might jump out at you. That mixed with the sensation of the pitch black makes for a very unsettling (but fun) feeling. One thing I will warn you of, the actors are allowed to touch you and not everyone is what they make out to be – keep your wits about you and question who you can and can’t trust.

With a name like Psycho Path, the organiser’s had a lot to live up to and boy did they live up to the expectations and more. The attention to detail is nothing like I have witnessed before, it really is as if you’ve stepped on to the scene of a horror film. The Psycho Path team really have go above and beyond expectations, from the realistic makeup to the different horror sets which will excite and impress you but also intimidate and terrify you.

Psycho Path brings to life your worst nightmare and creates a truly original and terrifying experience like none other.  If you’re being put off going because you think you’ll be too scared, please don’t hesitate and just go. I had the best experience there and haven’t had that much fun for a long time, this is coming from the woman who was petrified beforehand and now I can’t wait to go again for round 2! The event is open now to the general public but tickets are almost sold out so be sure to buy your tickets before they go for good. Psycho Path is guaranteed fun for all ages but children under the age of 13 are not allowed. Tickets are available to buy at

There’s no sugar coating the event, it is terrifying from the word go! Don’t worry if the event gets too much for you, throughout the course there are safe zones so if you want out be sure to head to one of these areas where an event steward will help you… just make sure it is the right steward is all I’m going to say…

If you go down to the woods tonight you’re certainly in for a big surprise….

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