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The swinging 60s rolled into town this week as the all singing, all dancing revue Rip it Up hit the stage at The Sage.

Following last year’s successful Rip it Up – Dancing through the 50s tour; Harry Judd (McFly) Aston Merrygold (JLS) and Olympian Louis Smith MBE have joined forces to bring us a Strictly inspired assault on the senses.

I will admit when I saw the posters for the show popping up over town, I thought to myself ‘what an odd combination of performers’ and assumed it was a singing show.  Unsure of how Louis and Harry’s voices would stand up against Aston’s – them not being known as singers, I went into to the show with some reservations. I’m not a fan of Strictly Coming Dancing so it wasn’t until they hit the stage and started shaking their tail feathers that the penny dropped that Strictly was the link (it takes a while but I get there in the end!)

Any reservations I went in with I certainly didn’t leave with because the show was absolutely brilliant. The three stars were supported by 10 incredible dancers and a full band and danced their way through the decade with the precision of seasoned professionals.

The show was broken down into different medleys; a Beatles section, a Burt Bacharach section, a Mods and Rockers section and even a section dedicated to 60s fashion! It was all performed completely live and intercut with video interviews and introductions by Lulu and Tony Blackburn.

I think what impressed me about the show as not only how slick and professional the production was, I mean it’s one thing to dance for a minute and a half on strictly and quite another to put on a full 2 hour show – but that the three stars were able to show of their personalities. Aston – probably the most seasoned ‘performer’ of the trio, brought the urban street dance vibe and was back flipping all over the place, Louis got to show off some of his awesome gymnastic skills and Harry looked very much at home behind the drums for large portions of the show.

The supporting cast of dancers and live singers also complemented the show brilliantly. The singers were note perfect and the dancers never missed a beat. The backdrop of the beautiful Sage was their perfect home as the acoustics of Sage One really brought the music to life and the audience were all dancing in the aisles by the finale.

I think the producers have managed to get the perfect balance to suit almost all audiences. If you’re a McFly fan, a JLS fan, a gymnastics fan, a strictly fan, a fan of dancing or a fan of live music there really is something for everyone. I can’t wait to see what they come back with for the 70s and 80s!

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