SIX Baltic announces plant-based Autumn Tasting Evening to take place on World Vegan Day

SIX Baltic announces plant-based Autumn Tasting Evening to take place on World Vegan Day

SIX Baltic is thrilled to announce its plant-based Autumn Tasting Evening, set to take place on World Vegan Day on the 1st of November. The tasting menu, created by Food Director Greg Lambert, showcases the remarkable flavours and creativity of plant-based cuisine and aims to inspire others to explore this nourishing path.  

As the world comes together to mark World Vegan Day, SIX Baltic would like to celebrate the wider vegan community across the North East and recognise the ethical choices that promote a more sustainable planet. The Autumn Tasting Evening aims to honour the North East plant-based community and provide an unforgettable fine dining experience, with the skills and expertise of SIX Baltic’s incredible chefs. 

Charley Currie, SIX Baltic’s director and resident vegan, is the visionary responsible for curating SIX Baltic’s incredible plant-based tasting evenings. Charley’s commitment to sustainable yet flavourful dining has been the driving force behind the success of the previous two plant-based tasting evenings at SIX Baltic this year- serving dishes with innovative ingredients that don’t compromise on flavour or quality.

Charley says “As a fellow vegan, I wanted to share my passion for plant-based cuisine with SIX Baltic and create a tasting evening that demonstrates the diversity of vegan flavours. After the success of the previous plant-based tasting evenings at SIX Baltic, I thought it was only right to host another, as we continue to redefine plant-based cuisine with innovation and flair.”

To those who are yet to explore the world of plant-based dining, SIX Baltic’s Autumn Tasting Evening is set to be the perfect occasion to take the plunge and see the incredible innovative flavours that await. 

The Autumn Tasting Evening will begin with locally sourced PureKnead focaccia accompanied with basil oil, sunflower pesto and tomato fondue, setting the tone for an evening of culinary delight. Following the choice of an array of snacks, guests can indulge in a further three courses, including a butternut tagliatelle with amaretto cream, pickled chilli and sage. To finish, guests will be presented with gingerbread cake, roast pineapple and rum caramel, proving that the vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up a sweet tooth. The indulgence doesn’t end there, as guests will be offered a sweet conclusion to the culinary journey, with a trio of treats including pumpkin Oreo, passion fruit jelly and goji and lime fudge. 

Guests can indulge in SIX Baltic’s Autumn Tasting Evening for £50 per person, or for those looking to enhance their experience and complement the flavours of the plant-based dishes, guests can add a drinks pairing for an additional £25 per person. 




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