SKIFF INN – The Wife’s Birthday Meal


Celebrating my wife’s birthday at the Skiff Inn.

Ive been to the ‘Skiff’ as I know it a couple of times now over the years. A nice pub/restaurant situated over the road from the Metrocentre. It has always delivered good food and the best thing is that it has something for everyone.

Trying to arrange a family meal for 16 people is stressful enough in getting everyone available and to eat off the menu but in this instance a WhatsApp group message and some good luck was all it took. A save the date was sent out about two months in advance.

I emailed the Skiff Inn to reserve the table stating my needs and had been replied to by Joe, confirming all was in place for me and so left it at that with peace of mind. However two days before, I rang to bring the time of the reservation forward and when stating my booking was greeted with that cautionary pause when you know something is wrong.

Reaffirming my email confirmation and quoting Joe, they mentioned it hadn’t yet been carried over to the diary which the lovely lady on the phone was then ensuring. A quick double take by her also when I said for 16 people we were then in the diary for our reservation. Paranoia crept in and so a call the very next day back to the Skiff Inn to make sure again we were there was confirmed and a call from the Skiff Inn on the day checking we were still attending came. Lesson learned – Always call to make the reservation.

As per usual in this family timing isn’t a gift and we arrived a little late – 10 minutes which I think was a record. Some of the family had travelled separately and were waiting for us in a reception area while grabbing a drink.

Once we were all seated on our long table in the centre of the dining room we were able to relax!

We are an awkward family so this wasn’t all going on a table tab. We approached the bar and bought our drinks individually or in smaller rounds. Given the option of adding to a table tab or just paying the staff were happy to accommodate the pay as we go option.

I hadnt anticipated writing about the meal so excuse the lack of food pictures but thought it was worth writing about this morning!

The menu handed out I had already known what I was ordering. Prawn cocktail starter and 16oz T Bone Steak for main, my mouth was already salavating. To make it easier no doubt for the kitchen we were asked to order starter and main together. Different orders of Steak, Lasagane, Pizza and Mince and Dumplings were compiled for mains.

Others chose Garlic Bread with Tomato and cheese respectively amongst other starters. These garlic breads came out the size of a pizza so be careful if you think it’s a portion for one! (Well it could be just depends on your appetite)

My starter placed on the table, the Prawn Cocktail did not disappoint. Atlantic peeled prawns resting in their own Marie-Rose sauce with leaf and a lemon and a side accompaniment of bread and butter. Perfect to start the meal off and to satisfy that hunger that had crept in.


Then came the main course. The 16oz Steak, cooked to my liking of Medium. This beast or half a cow as the waiter described as he served it up, lay in front of me. I love a steak and a big steak at that. Juicy, Tender and delicious I went on to devour this beast. As you will also see below, served with chips, onion rings, tomato and mushrooms.

Once we had all finished our meals the one common factor we all had was that we were stuffed! The portion sizes here are generous and won’t leave you feeling hungry at the end. So if you want dessert then make sure your going to leave a little space.

Only three of the sixteen went onto have dessert. Cheesecake was the preferred choice for two of them and Mango & Passionfruit and Salted Caramel were the flavours chosen. Apple and Goosebery Crumble the other.

I stole a little of the wife’s Salted Caramel and heaven melted in my mouth. I then wish I could have stolen the rest of it, but it was my wife’s birthday so had to be nice and let her have it, after all she did order it!

This is a family run business and has been so for many many years. You can see it is a popular choice for many people and I have to say a wonderful place.

The staff and service were fantastic. We had a one year old in our group and ‘Papa’ Joe came over to chat and play with him also which was a nice touch.

Upon payment a little hassle in that we paid individually or groups for the meal so by the time people had worked out their share and cash had been paid to be taken off the bill to leave card payments and those individuals paying their remaining share. Regrettably due to this we ended up undertipping and admittedly they deserved more, something I’ll look to make up on my next visit.

Only bits I’d say for improvement were that if next time ensure you phone to reserve your area or ensure you ring to confirm. I had also sent another email at the start of the week to no reply. (However this was just my experience on this occasion)

Another was that the wife checked the menu online and eyed up a Chicken Chasseur. However upon being presented with the menu on arrival had been removed. So bit of updating online needed there.

Despite the above myself and the family all commented on how lovely the meal was and our experience so If you are looking for a local venue with that accommodates everyone food wise, a great atmosphere and great service then I definitely recommend the ‘Skiff Inn’. I know I will be back sooner rather than later.





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