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The Da Vinci Code Show Review

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The Da Vinci Code Show Review

Have you found the Holy Grail? The clues are right there in plain sight on the Newcastle Theatre Royal Website. If you follow the clues (or link at the bottom of the page) you will find your way! Yes the Da Vinci code has been adapted for the stage, and is showing all this week.

Photo Credit: Johan Persson

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, The Da Vinci Code tells the thrilling tale of the curator of the Louvre, who has been brutally murdered, and alongside his body are a series of baffling codes. 

The story follows Professor Robert Langdon and fellow cryptologist Sophie Neveu after the death of her grandfather and aforementioned curator, as they attempt to solve the clues left behind by him. These lead to the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and beyond, delving deep into the vault of history. A breathless race through the streets of Paris and London, Langdon and Neveu must decipher the labyrinthine code before a shocking historical secret is lost forever.

We go from scene to scene quickly and the story rolls on as the clues are revealed, deciphered and resolved. We move around Paris at pace and eventually to London as the story unfolds. This is a fast paced show, so don’t turn away or you may miss a clue. 

Led by Nigel Harman  (maybe best known from Eastenders) as Robert Langdon, he delivers a worthy performance of this Symbologist who gets involved in this cat and mouse search of clues. 

Hannah Rose Caton makes her UK theatre debut playing Robert Langdons partner in this search as cryptologist and granddaughter of the murdered Jacques Saunière. An accomplished and confident debut by Caton who partners well with Harman.

Danny John-Jules better known for Red Dwarf and Death In paradise, is full of charisma with his well spoken English accent, and jolly nature but is he all he seems as Sir Leigh Teabing, the expert on the holy grail

Joshua Lacey brings emotion in his role as our exploited monk, Silas. Lacey portrays a desperation to prove himself while contradicting his own beliefs so he can receive the promise offered by a man known as the Teacher. 

What stood out for me though was the set. Quite ingenious, unique and impressive. Seeing videos and neon lighting projected across the stage and side walls of the stage immersed us into the scene. We also had cast members sat on either side with their hoods up observing the scene. They would contribute with chants, echoes and help move the set in between scenes. But for me also created that cult like feeling that this show follows.

An enjoyable adaptation of the story, albeit maybe a little too fast paced for me. The show manages to create a sense of suspense and at moments some humour too.

The Da Vinci Code plays at Newcastle Theatre Royal from Tue 12 – Sat 16 Apr 2022. Tickets are priced from £15.00 and can be purchased at or from the Theatre Royal Box Office on 0191 232 7010.

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