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Twenty Twenty

This week i headed down to Twenty Twenty. A bar in the Bigg market quickly gaining a reputation for its 20 signature cocktails and its 20 inch pizzas. (Yes I said 20 inch pizzas!)

Opening in November 2021, it’s taken me a while to get down here but better late than never and thanks to the Snapsaver app and I’m glad I finally did. 

This restaurant is smart, gives a relaxed casual vibe and brings a disco sound with glitter ball too. The decor is lovely and it has been said they aimed for a New York Loft Style apartment and they got it spot on. 

The menu has been thought through not only on food and drink offerings but also the naming. 

We needed recommendations for our choice of cocktail and were encouraged to try ‘Getting  Ginny With It’  – so if you like fruity cocktails this is a good one to go for as we discovered. Containing Beefeater Gin, Strawberry, Lemon, Pineapple Soda this flowed quite easily which is a good thing, but maybe also a dangerous thing! 

Now onto the star of the show, the pizzas. A large offering of 14 different pizzas in fact. 

There’s even one if you don’t Jamie Oliver. You can stick it back to him by eating pretty much all the bits he banned, in the Pizza called ‘ Don’t tell Jamie Oliver’ which is topped with Turkey Twizzlers, Beans and Smiley Faces. 

Pineapple is available to add to the pizza for free if you like that kind of thing! ( I do – but forgot to ask) as well as as chilli flakes or chill oil, again free on request. A 10 inch Gluten free pizza base is also available.

All pizzas are priced at £18.00 each or large slices are an option too, priced at £4.00. Cocktails and perfect serves are great value in happy hour 4-8pm with them priced at 2 for £10.

I eventually decided however to go for The Italian Job. A nice meaty choice. Using Salami, Ndjua, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, House Cheese Blend, Secret Recipe Red Sauce to tempt me in and it didn’t disappoint.

Now the caveat, I was dining with a Vegan. Nothing wrong with that directly, but these pizzas are for sharing in their whole 20 inch gorgeousness. My vegan friend chose to go for ‘Hail Cesar’ topped with Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Caeser Dressing, House Cheese Blend, Secret Recipe Red Sauce. With the cheese and chicken being swapped for vegan cheese and chicken respectively. My friend commented on how cheesy they had managed to get it, as apparently it can be quite hard to do so with vegan cheese. Impressed he was.

Our real issue was how we may fit two pizzas on the table, and quite simply you can’t! So what to do?! Well our lovely waitress went and had a word with the chef. On this occasion and what I suspect was an exception, we had managed to get them to prepare one pizza with the base and sauce created as one and then the pizza separated before our respective ingredients were added and cooked. Served up on the same tray with our meat and vegan halves never to touch! So a big bravo for accommodating our awkwardness. 

Quite simply these pizzas are large so sharing a pizza is the only way really to go. The quality was good, the ingredients fresh. Each of the slices bigger than my face. If you know me, you know I love pizza and on this visit I only had three slices to get through, and yet couldn’t manage. 

Honestly this was an impressive outing and you will have to pre book to get in. We arrived around 5.40pm and it was busy already. I’ll definitely be back to enjoy more of the cocktails and will check out the sides and more next time.

What’s better also is if you download the snapsaver app, you can get 50% off your food bill by simply sharing a post on social media here.

The snapsaver app also provides huge discounts at over 850 exclusive discounts across the North East.

This review was independently written, however this was a gifted opportunity.


5 Bigg Market
0191 432 9009


Monday – Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday – Sunday: 12:00-02:00

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