WING FRIDAYS at Shark Club Newcastle

Im already a fan, but if you havent visited Shark Club Newcastle, situated opposite St.James Park and neighbour and restaurant for Sandman Signature Hotel, the get dowen for wing fridays at Shark Club Newcastle.

Today i came down for my new favourite day. Wing Friday, and theres also a Wing Wednesday too. This is where they offer chicken wings for 45p each. My first visit to this bar ever was about a month ago. I’d been told of Wing wednesday and how good the wings were, but not being a huge wing fan wasnt too bothered…. until i tried them.

So today was my third visit back, and now i can say i’ve tried all the flavours and still thoroughly enjoy it. I’m a wing convert, and this bar has quickly become one of my favourites in town…. for more than wings. Its primarily a sports bar and pre match venue. Also situated next to student halls i imagine a local hangout too. Heaving on match days (when fans were allowed in) but perfect if you want to watch a match with a tv in your booth, or as i am this afternoon, a quiet drink and bit of food.

So back to my hype, the chicken wings. I’d heard that they were good, i follow the bar on facebook, so have seen the pictures and offers. Finally got here and indulged on the Jack Daniels Bourbon covered wings. Ah what a delight. Crisp and Crunchy, each wing meaty. They were lush. Just like that i was converted.

Admittedly i havent tried many wings in town, but this set the bar, and honestly not sure they’ll be beaten. I came back a second time and had the Salt and Pepper and Hot flavour. Both as good as the previous as i had tried but JD still my favourite.

A third visit today to try the Golden Shark, which were nice – a bit of a kick too… but still dont actually know what flavour they are! (and forgot to ask), accompanies my other portion of the JD Bourbon flavour. My eyes bigger than my belly (that takes a lot) only managed to clear half of each. Honestly for £4.50 per portion though a bargain. I’d pay full price for these anyday of the week. I’ve also found out they deliver on Uber Eats and deliveroo though, which wont be good for my bank balance knowing i can have them anytime i want.

To add also the other food on the menu looks lush too, my wife had Nachos previously and i’ve never seen a better looking portion as we got here! The best bit each layer had cheesy goodness.

If you can find better chicken wings, tell me. However im not sure you will be able too.

A great bar, for sport, for a chilled afternoon with a good atnosphere, for food, for any occasion! Dont be worried either about coming by yourself. I did, the staff are grrea, friendly and will help with anything you need.

Wing Fridays at Shark Club Newcastle are a winner for me. Let me know your thoughts!

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Shark Club Newcastle

 Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4BT

Phone: 0191 229 2615


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