What’s On Gosforth Civic Theatre

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Gosforth Civic Theatre is an innovative arts venue, cafe and community hub in Gosforth, Newcastle.

It is home to, and run by, Liberdade Community Development Trust.  In 2003 Liberdade was set up to create the opportunity for a group of people with learning disabilities to establish and run their own physical theatre company.

Just less that one minute from Regent Centre Metro station, the theatre is very easy to get to.

They also have cinema nights, seating up to 120 people and a Gaming Night that is streamed on Twitch from 7.30pm every Tuesday.

They also has a fully licensed cafe bar serving food.

Gosforth Civic Theatre aims to:

To bring more local people and people with learning disabilities together in a building that provides great art for everyone.​

To provide a model that shows how other organisation can use an entrepreneurial approach to solve social problems.

 To provide cultural and community activities for everyone to enjoy, supporting artists and the wider cultural community.

​To regenerate the building to become an asset the heart of the local community.

Historically society has created places for people with learning disabilities to go, this has meant that this group of people are often segregated with few opportunities to demonstrate their social worth. This segregation has also meant members of the public have often had few or no opportunities to get to know people with learning disabilities, therefore fear of, and misconceptions about people with learning disabilities have developed. Gosforth Civic Theatre aims to change that.

You can become a member for FREE, and you receive a range of benefits:

  • Monthly e-Newsletter 
  • 10% off food and drink at GCT Café
  • Exclusive access to advanced tickets and ticket offers
  • Invitation to Members Events
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Grab your seat to the theatres latest shows and guaruntee front row viewing.

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