What’s On Northern Stage

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Northern Stage is the largest producing theatre company in the North East of England.  Northern Stage present new and dynamic work as well as playing host to up-and-coming, innovative theatre makers. There are regular  shows, workshops, read-throughs, talks and more.  They are at the very heart of a rich and diverse creative community.  They support artists, writers, makers, digital creators and businesses who exist for more than profit.

Based just opposite Newcastle University’s Student Union,  they present work from visiting theatre companies and artists, as well as their own in-house productions.  Easy to get to with great transport links.  Just 2 minutes walk form Haymarket Metro station and bus station.  Northern Stage is located at the north end of Newcastle City Centre, two minutes from the main shopping street, Northumberland Street, behind the new Newcastle University building (King’s Gate).

They have three stages, with 447, 160 and 100 seats.  

Food and drink is also available at The Northern Stage Cafe Bar, an open, welcoming space to work, relax, meet with friends or enjoy a pre-show tipple.  

You can become a member and take advantage of priority booking , save 20% on your tickets, 10% on drinks at the bar, as well as invitations to their season launch events.  A must have for theatre lovers this gives you excellent value for money and the chance to snap up tickets to your favourite shows.

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Grab your seat to the theatres latest shows and guaruntee front row viewing.

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