3 reasons Newcastle loves casinos and online casino bonuses

3 reasons Newcastle loves casinos and online casino bonuses

Step into the vibrant city of Newcastle, the home of the Geordie, and you’re stepping into a city that has seen it all — from the smokestacks of its industrial past to the thriving culture of today, with Newcastle United Football Club recently putting itself firmly back on the map after many decades in the doldrums. 

But there’s one captivating thread that weaves through the city’s history: its love affair with casinos. In this article, we’re diving into the journey of Newcastle’s evolution, the irresistible allure of casinos, the city’s unique claims to fame and the universal appeal of these entertainment havens.

Newcastle’s remarkable evolution

During the Industrial Revolution between 1750-1850, Newcastle emerged as a hub of heavy industry, a reputation is has only recently started to shred. Its strategic location made it perfect for constructing the ships and this rapid industrialization swelled the population, leading to its recognition as a city in 1882. Alongside, affluent suburbs blossomed around the city centre, facilitated by the growth in railways and tramways.

The 20th century, however, was a contrast. Newcastle, like much of Tyne and Wear, grappled with industrial decline. The shadows of the 1930s economic depression loomed long, with unemployment surging. By 1956, the last colliery shuttered its doors. Between 1970-1990, global competition and lack of investment led the region’s shipyards to wane.

Yet, resilience defined Newcastle’s spirit. The latter half of the 20th century marked its pivot from heavy industry. 

Today, Newcastle stands as a beacon of culture, the beating heart of the North East in business and social spheres. 

It is in this context that casinos have sprung up across the city. But why are they popular in Newcastle? Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons. 

Newcastle is a party city 

As locals and previous visitors will testify, the allure of Newcastle’s lively atmosphere is undeniable. It is well and truly a party city like no other, attracting hen and stag parties every weekend of the year. 

The city bursts with entertainment options. Its bustling streets are dotted with a multitude of pubs, trendy bars, gourmet restaurants and pulsating clubs. For those inclined towards cultural pursuits, Newcastle doesn’t disappoint, boasting elegant theatres, enlightening museums, contemporary galleries and of course casinos!  

Drawing parallels with its party spirit, the city’s love for casinos epitomizes its penchant for excitement, luxury and social gatherings. Both the vibrant nightlife and the thriving casino culture combine to reinforce why Newcastle stands out as a beacon of entertainment in the UK. In fact, in 2018, it was named as the number one place to visit in the world by Rough Guides

Plenty of choices 

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The casino or the gambler? It is a question too tough for us to answer but the riddle as to why Newcastle loves casinos could be simple as it has three amazing casinos. Whether this is because the city loves gambling, or the casinos made the city love gambling, is neither here nor there. With these casinos in town, it is hard to avoid enjoying them. If you prefer the online versions, be sure to check out the best online casino bonuses according to Talksport, who recently has become one of the most sought after hubs for information about online casinos and sports betting.

Aspers Casino at The Gate 

Nestled within The Gate Leisure Complex, Aspers Casino stands out as one of the renowned ‘super casinos’ that emerged in 2005 following the liberalization of gambling laws. Spanning three levels, it offers an extensive gaming experience. From classics such as roulette, blackjack and three-card poker to the digital gaming section with an array of modern slots, Aspers Casino has it all and has become a real favourite with stag parties, students and locals. 

Genting Casino on Forth Street 

Genting Casino is housed in a purpose-built establishment and is as busy as ever. As one of the larger establishments within the Genting group, it boasts a vast collection of games. Expect classic table games and a blend of electronic variations, as well as an assortment of slot machines. A dedicated poker space, which hosts tournaments and cash games, adds to the charm. The in-house Fahrenheit Restaurant promises a delightful dining experience, while the bar, showing live sports, ensures you’re entertained between games.

Grosvenor Casino on St James Boulevard 

Rivalling Genting Casino’s presence, Grosvenor Casino has carved a niche for itself in Newcastle. Strategically located near Newcastle United’s stadium and the central station, it offers a diverse range of gaming options. While electronic games remain a highlight, table game aficionados won’t be disappointed either. The poker room might not be the most expansive in town, but it packs enough to engage visitors. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing drink, live sports or a hearty meal, the in-house bar and restaurant have you covered.

Large student population 

For the academic year 2022-23, Newcastle witnessed a significant influx of students, both from home and overseas. The total number of full-time undergraduate students stood at 21,890, of which 2,161 were from overseas, further supplemented by 1,573 from overseas campuses. Even though the part-time student population was comparatively smaller at 75, it brought the overall undergraduate student count to an impressive 21,965. 

This large student body highlights Newcastle’s vibrant academic scene, and with such a substantial number, there’s an evident demand for recreational activities. This sizeable student populace, especially the younger undergraduates, is continually seeking enjoyable and exciting things to do in the city. Casinos certainly fit the bill, especially as they offer much more than gambling as we have just seen. 

Newcastle has evolved over the centuries from a centre for ship building to a party city. Its industrial past has given way to a present defined by vibrant nightlife, cultural offerings and a thriving student community. Amid this dynamic setting, the casino scene has emerged as a preferred entertainment hub and adds a real touch of excitement to a city that already tops most people’s must visit city lists!

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