Top Seven Wing Joints in Newcastle

Top Seven Wing Joints in Newcastle

Looking for the Best Wings in Newcastle? Look no further!

Who doesn’t love a good wing? Whatever the time of day, or day of the week, you can’t beat a good BBQ Chicken Wing. Why the top seven though? Well firstly we prefer to call them the ‘Magnificent Seven‘. And we picked seven for one simple reason, a wing for each day of the week. So if you are feeling daring take our Wing Week challenge, try each joint, each day, and tell us who wins via social media.

So, where are the best wings in Toon?

Good question.

It’s a topic of hot debate, with so many places to choose from. You’ve got all the big players, small independents, pop-ups and restaurants, all contending for the title of ‘Best Wings in Newcastle’.

We’ve complied our personal ‘Top Seven Wing Joints in Newcastle’ for your deliberation. So sit back, have a good read and let then us know what you think in via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

So, in no particular order, here is our definitive top seven…

FED’s Chicken

Based in the historic Grainger Market FED’s brings everything Chicken to the heart of Newcastle city centre. They’ve already featured in our ‘The Top Ten Burger Joints in Newcastle‘ blog. But there wings are something else, we just had to include them!

They also supply Louie’s Liquor Store with with their tasty offerings. They are even known to do an Unlimited Wings offer, if you are feeling super brave! Sunday – Thursday – 4pm – 9pm.

As wings go they hit the spot! Crispy, yet succulent. Great taste, award winning, grain fed, crispy fried chicken served up a smile. They care passionately about quality and only use chicken from Soanes family poultry farm in the Yorkshire Wolds. They sweet tea brine all their chicken, making it extra succulent and flavourful and perfectly seasoned throughout.

All of their sauces are designed and made in house. We particularly like their Korean BBQ sauce and just can’t get enough of it!

They have some fab deals on wings, such as their Wing Bucket with a huge 20 wings, fries and dip for just £20!!! Great to share, or not, for those wing warriors out there who can demolish that in one breath as their friends look on in horror.

They have a great range of classic sides available to compliment their creations. Their wings, cauli bombs and buffalo fries are all incredibly moreish. We’d definitely recommend trying these too!

You can find them on Facebook here.

Hen & Hops

Hen & Hops is a firm favourite for everything wings. Bang in the city centre they are the brainchild of two cousins. Their chef has worked hard developing our top-secret recipes for the wing sauces, and they feature the amazing award winning

Hen & Hops is a firm favourite for everything wings related. Bang in the city centre they are the brainchild of two cousins. Their chef has worked hard developing our top-secret recipes for the wing sauces, and they also feature collaborations with the amazing award winning Mr Vikki’s. For those who have not tried these they are a must! Our favourite is the ‘I’m a Banana‘. It is mindblowingly good.

The range of wings sauces available at Hen & Hops is huge, and there is definitely something for everyone. And for those who like a walk on the hot side there is ‘Nagaraja‘. Featuring Hot King Naga Suicide Sauce. For the most insane hot wings fans there is also ‘The Death Wing Ring Reaper‘. They only serve you one of these bad boys!!! Dusted with Mr Vikki’s Carolina Reaper Powder, it is not for the fainthearted.

They do some great sharer options, such as the Keg of Wings! 60 Wings (10 per flavour), a bucket of  seasoned chips, coleslaw, BBQ beans and a jug of either curry sauce & chicken gravy.

They do the obligatory Wing Wednesday from 12pm. Only 50p per wing (minimum orders of 10 per flavour). But the great news is this offer is also available on a Friday too! They really do some of the best wings in Newcastle, and they are well worth a try.

You can find them on Facebook here.

Shearer’s Bar

Located at the Gallowgate End of St. James’ Park you could not get closer to the action! But these bad boys aren’t just for match day, you can grab a bite to eat here anytime. Available in sharers you can get 50% off Every Wednesday. Who doesn’t love a Wings Wednesday?

Shearer’s Bar offers three options of Salt and Pepper, Buffalo and BBQ Wings. They also have a great range of sides available to compliment the wings. No beans though! Alan Shearer famously revealed during his Blackburn days that he always ate “chicken and beans” before a game as a favoured lucky meal. We pretty sure he did’t meant wings but even still they’ve definitely missed a trick not having beans on as a side!

You can find them on Facebook here.

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is a global phenomenon with 185 cafes, visited by nearly 80 million guests each year. Their signature slow-roasted jumbo wings have been eaten by people far and wide, and having tasted them it is easy to see why!

Like most of the other venues the Hard Rock Cafe Newcastle have went with the now obvious alliteration and offered a Wing Wednesday. This comes with unlimited chicken wings plus a drink for just £15. You can choose from Sweet & Spicy Tangy, Barbecue, Classic Buffalo or have them as they come.

You can find them on Facebook here.

Shark Club

One of Newcastle’s favourite sports bars, Shark Club is situated directly opposite St. James’ Park. They are a great place for sport, showing all the big events, and it is sure to prove popular for Newcastle United’s upcoming Champions League campaign on Wednesday nights!

They are well known in Newcastle for their Super Bowl nights, coverage of the big Boxing fights and WrestleMania. As well as the big sporting events they have added a food challenge to their calendar. The Shark Club Food Challenge see’s customers pitted against an offering of Steak Bites, Chips, Chicken Tenders, Pepper Prawns, a Beef Slider, Chicken Karaage, Nachos plus their delicious Golden Shark Wings.

They also offer a Wings Wednesday and Friday, with wings for 50p each all day.

You can find them on Facebook here.

Man Vs Food

Man Vs Food in South Shields has made a name for itself with some insane challenges for its diners. One such challenge is ‘The Devils Chicken Wings Challenge‘.

It features 12 huge monster chicken wings, coated in a secret sauce. The fact they advise gloves tells you everything! You can get your name on either the Wall of Fame or the Wall of Shame, depending on the outcome!

If you are feeling brave you can find them on Facebook here.

Coop Chicken House

Coop Chicken House on Collingwood Street is a wing lovers dream come true! They offer some major flavours with an array of options. Our particular favourites had to be the ‘Conor’s Miso Hangry‘ and ‘Habanero and Lime‘.

We love their food and definitely recommend checking them out. They have some great craft sauces that you can buy by the shot or even take a bottle home.

You can find them on Facebook here.

And that about wraps up our wings list, we hope you’ve enjoyed out Top Seven. But don’t let that stop the fun! Head over to our social media platforms and let us know what you think is the best wing joint in Newcastle, tag in your ‘Wing Man‘ you’d bring to the table to help you destroy ‘The Death Wing Ring Reaper‘ from Hen & Hops with.

And even if wings aren’t your thing then you can always check out our listing guide on Eating in Newcastle here.

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