All You Need is Love – Sage Gateshead

All You Need is Love isn’t a concert, it’s an experience. If you weren’t lucky enough to be around when the Beatles were, this is the closest thing to seeing them live. All You Need is Love is a journey through the music of The Beatles, it’s 2 hours of blissful music which touches your heart and fills your soul. Paul McCartney famously said that all he wanted to do was unite the world through music, the Beatles wanted to spread messages of peace, love and understanding and I’m thankful to live in a world where it’s still possible to experience the love, movement and feeling of the wonder of the Beatles. In a completely unbiased way I can say that All You Need is Love is the best concert I’ve seen this year. It left me with joy in my heart, so much joy that I actually stopped thinking about Brexit for a moment. I’ve been to several “Beatles” concerts and I’ve seen their music performed more times with an orchestra than without and I think that’s what’s so wonderful about it, the music of The Beatles is extraordinary, it’s simple, it’s complicated, it’s a contradiction of itself. It takes you on a journey, it’s transcendental, it’s psychedelic, it’s the nearest thing to hallucinogenic without actually taking drugs. It’s hard to define my favourite tracks of the night because every single one was like magic, I smiled widely throughout the whole concert. You know it’s going to be a good night when a cast has the confidence to start with “All You Need is Love”. I was emotional throughout, finally feeling tears running down my cheeks during “Hey Jude”. Those two songs alone were performed so beautifully by the cast and the National Philharmonic Concert Orchestra that in truth I could have come away happy with just those two numbers alone. It was more than that though, it was the magic of “Blackbird” and “Norwegian Wood” it was the happy joyful feeling of “Here comes the Sun” and then every single classic track like “Come Together” “Eleanor Rigby” (if you haven’t heard that performed by an orchestra, you’ve never lived) “Hello, Goodbye”… I could go on because every single track was performed with absolute perfection. Dave Grohl said that from one generation to another The Beatles would remain the most important rockband of all time and judging by the small girl in the front row who literally rocked out the whole of the evening, I think we can safely assume that’s true. If you’ve never played the music of The Beatles to your children, stop what you’re doing right now and go and do it. To quote The Beatles themselves “Love is Old, Love is New, Love is All, Love is You” Thanks for reading,


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