BONGOS BINGO Newcastle- Review

Bongo’s Bingo Newcastle – The Boiler Shop 19/04/2019

Located in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, is tonight’s unique venue – Boiler Shop.

Boiler Shop was constructed in the 1820s for the world’s first locomotive works, Robert Stephenson & Company but now, with its beautiful warehouse structure it is the host for tonight’s Bongo’s Bingo!!

Now, if you haven’t heard already, Bongo’s Bingo is not your average Bingo game! Forget the dabber pens and ‘eyes down no talking’ – this is Bingo at a whole new level!

Bongo’s Bingo started three years ago, with a playlist on a laptop, a bingo machine, an empty warehouse space and a crazy idea from two men in Liverpool. Those two men (one Liverpudlian the other Northern Irish) Jonny Bingo (Jonny Lacey) and Joshua Burke. In just three years the idea that started as ‘a bit of a laugh’ has turned into an internationally renowned event taking place in over 42 cities and probably more around the globe!

The game tonight starts at 8pm but be warned, the doors are strict and last entry is 7:30.  As I walk in the warehouse space we are handed our pens and bingo books! The room is lined with benches (school dinner vibes) with folk scrambling for seats.  Boiler Shop know exactly what they are doing with the bar, they have separated it into easy queue lines with plenty of friendly staff so getting a pint is no probs! There are five of us tonight in a group, we find a space next to a bubbly bunch of ladies who happily squish up.

Tonight’s theme is the Mickey Pickles and The Chocolate Factory special – tipping the cap to Willy Wonka of course with a Bongo spin.  The room is full of amazing inflatable candy canes and sweetie themed props. The lights go down, the strobes start and Mickey Pickles jumps on the stage along with some dancing girls.  I’m a complete amateur – the ladies beside me usher me up to stand on benches as I notice the entire room jumping up to Christina Aguilera’s ‘Candy Man’?! Mickey Pickles then introduces us to his lovely assistants naughty Nicky and Thirsty Thelma, two hairy ladies ready to pop them moves!

Now, the first game of bingo starts.  Little did I know that when certain bingo numbers are called there are Bongo’s Bingo theme songs are played, so, in between numbers you are up raving to the theme given – it’s bonkers but a genius way to get everyone involved! Looking down the length of the tables and seeing every single person up dancing on benches singing and screaming was pretty surreal, one table had three generations dancing which was pretty beautiful.  Confetti cans were fired, coco pops were picked out of drinks, I even witnessed a lady faced down on the floor pretending to swim while a guy was ‘Moonwalking’ down the aisle of the tables. My new friend Claire (who was part of the bubbly lady gang who squished up) literally became my bench aid, we all held on laughed, danced and helped each other mark numbers.

The music and dancers were hilarious.  The prizes were pretty cool too! From serious cash prizes to a weekend away in Switzerland – that’s if you can concentrate on your game to win if course!! Oh, word of warning, try not to call a false line – look it up on YouTube and you will see why!

All in all, this was a really entertaining night.  Bongo’s Bingo caters for all – whether it be a birthday, hen or stag or just a bunch of mates on a night out, the laughter is guaranteed and you will probably walk out hugging goodbye to all the new friends you made too.


Top tips:

With most venues and the security checks now in place try not to bring a big bag.  

*Don’t be shy for a quick search – again perfectly normal.  

*Be in line for entry early to get the best seat.

*Wear flat shoes!

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Reviewed by the Accidental Blogger

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