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Bubble Football – Fizzbox

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Hold onto your zorbs! Bubble Football in Newcastle is different to your average kick about. 

Try to run around, kicking the football into the goal without being bowled over by the opposing team! Your entire upper body including your arms and head are encased in a giant inflatable zorb with your legs free at the bottom to run around. 

Try to keep your head up and not focus too much on the ball as you could be side tackled and end up bouncing down the pitch! 

This is perfect for your birthday or stag do in Newcastle to really separate the men from the boys and see who comes out on top as the winners! 

You could even create some forfeits for the loser and see who ends up on their back for most of the game. Try not to give too harsh a punishment as it could end up being you!

Bubble Football

The Details

Age restriction: 10+.

Duration: One hour. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Maximum height: 6’5. Maximum weight: 22 stone. Dress code: Trainers and T-shorts. No football boots or bare chests.

Please note, this venue may not be final. The venue for this activity will be confirmed approximately two weeks prior to your weekend date. This is due to the supplier working with a wide range of venues.

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