Dave Gorman — PowerPoint to the People (or what happens in the theatre stays in the theatre)

Dave Gorman — PowerPoint to the People (or what happens in the theatre stays in the theatre)

Review – 10th November 2022 – Tyne Theatre & Opera House

First off Dave Gorman speaks really really quickly. It took me a little while to get used to it but I did. I’d not noticed this on tv before.

From my seat I had a great vantage point to see the show. PowerPoint has never been my favourite medium of presentation but Gorman does it so well and his passion comes through everything he does and says.

Now this isn’t an easy review to write as I feel like we (the audience) have been sworn to secrecy. Normally I’d give hints (not spoilers) on the content but I feel like this is truly the wrong thing to do as we’ve been requested to. The reason is very light-hearted and playful so I’m hoping everyone can keep it under their hat.

What I can divulge is that Dave with his love of language and puzzles became a crossword setter during lockdown. He’s Bluth in the The Independent, Django in The Daily Telegraph and Fed in The Guardian. Whilst I may not have come to learn how to understand the clues for cryptic crosswords I believe I now have a new lesson to turn into a skill.

Also, close you ears parents. Dave Gorman actually not only liked but LOVED home-schooling. Here in lies pronunciation an the alphabet song.

Long live the ‘Found Poem’ which tonight consisted of comments about billionaires in their very own private race to space.

This has been a really enjoyable evening. Dave made coming out on a school night worthwhile.  I’m going to start on the cryptic crosswords soon and Dave, I will be asking for some clues over on Twitter.

Dave Gorman is back at the Tyne Theatre & Opera House 18th March 2023

Review by:

Suzanne Whelan

Twitter: @suzannewhelan @sofa_stories

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