Disco Dodgeball - LNOF

Disco Dodgeball – LNOF

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Forget everything you thought you knew about dodgeball, this is disco dodgeball. Taking you through a musical journey from the famed disco eras, disco dodgeball follows the same rules of dodgeball. You split into teams, race for the balls placed in the middle of the court and throw the ball as hard as you can at the other team. Those who are hit, are out of the game.

But disco dodgeball is a fun and new concept of the game, and you get to dress up as some of the best disco icons of the 21st century (shotgun Madge). Music and coloured headbands will be included with this activity to get you all in the mood, before a warm up dance between the teams. And, then – it’s show time, and you’ll even have a disco diva referee.

Disco Dodgeball

The Details

  • Event Co-ordinator
  • Safety instruction and equipment provided
  • Private venue hire
  • Referee
  • Disco themed dodgeball session
  • Indoor venue
  • Duration: 1 hour (groups of 20+ will receive an extra 30 mins)

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