The New Season of Alphabetti launches with the World Premiere of Mr Punch
Presented by the Worriers, written by Steve Byron, in collaboration with Joana Geronimo and directed by Paula Penman.

Mr Punch tells the tale of Norman, a solitary and lonely figure of fun, with a dependence for drink and a long life of self-destruction. After returning home from his father’s funeral carrying his recent departed father’s life in a suitcase, Norman is forced to break out of his self-inflicted confinement when Ruth moves next door. An immigrant and single mother with a relentless will to strive, Ruth calls time on Norman’s pity party of one. With a touch of puppetry and a lot of extremely dark humour, we see the lives of two unlikely companions entangle on the backdrop of Post-Brexit Britain.

This play sees the collaboration of some of the North East’s most esteemed creatives, Steve Byron (Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers, Floorboards, Rocket Girl, Sucking Eggs, and Tree) Joana Geronimo (From Home to Newcastle (Live Theatre), The Space Between Us (Open Clasp), HERE (Curious Monkey), The White Card (Northern Stage), OUT, OUT) and Paula Penman (No.9; Whale Of A Time; Listen Up!; Wilfred (Alphabetti Theatre” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>Alphabetti Theatre); 40 Kola Comedy Rolla (Alphabetti Theatre, NE Comedy Hothouse); County Lines (Kendal Brewery Arts); Space: A Herstory (Curious Arts); Chained Reaction,10 Minutes to… (Live Theatre).

Byron comments, “I hadn’t looked at Mr Punch in years. It was quite naive and clunky as a piece, but there was something there I loved. So I stripped it back as a piece and brought in the character of Ruth. Norman represents tired old England and Ruth, new life.”

As one of the most accessible arts venues in the North East, Alphabetti will be showcasing Mr Punch with one week of shows at ‘Pay What You Feel’ price, along with one captioned and two audio described performances. The play text will also be published by Methuen Drama and available to buy at Alphabetti during the run of the show.

Praise for previous work:
“Engaging, funny and provocative”.
British Theatre Guide, 2022, about Out-Out! Written & Performed by Joana Geronimo

“There’s more to the play than just the comedy, often hilarious though it is. These are real people.”
Peter Lathan, British Theatre Guide 2019, about Floorboards. Written and Performed by Steve Byron

“An eloquent two hander” ★★★★
The Stage 2021, about Sucking Eggs, written by Steve Byron

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