Indoor Paint-Free Paintball - LNOF

Indoor Paint-Free Paintball – LNOF

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Indoor Paint-Free Paintball in Newcastle.

No mess, no fuss, just unlimited ammo in an amazing indoor arena. This innovative paintballing centre spreads over 15,000sq ft, with two floor arenas at your disposal. It couldn’t be better for large groups, and to break the ice… It even uses small uses small rubber bullets that can be re-used and won’t mess up your perfectly styled barnet. But, don’t worry – this isn’t a soft option as the bullets still pack a punch if you get hit. 

No need to worry about conserving ammo, as there are refill packs hidden all around the game zones for you to pick up and replenish your stock. The exhilarating urban arena, or ‘city’, boasts the likes of a full-sized tube train, Mc Cafe, hospital, town hall, petrol station and lab, as well as plenty of barricades to ensure you can plan tactically. The centre – or life-size Call of Duty map – is also located just five minutes from Newcastle City Centre, but you’ll need all of your native wit and cunning to emerge unscathed.



Paint-Free Paintbal

The Details

  • Hosted in an indoor battle arena
  • Features themed urban game areas
  • Various games & scenarios played
  • Fire paint-free rubber bullets
  • Includes unlimited ammunition
  • Safety instruction & equipment provided
  • Duration: 3 hours

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