Newcastle United’s Success Means Business Is Booming

Newcastle United’s Success Means Business Is Booming

Steeped in rich industrial heritage and marked by iconic architecture, Newcastle upon Tyne, often simply referred to as Newcastle, is a city that has continually adapted and reinvented itself. Now, it stands as a testament to the power of modern industry, technology, and creative enterprise. In recent years, Newcastle’s business community has surged, becoming a significant contributor to the UK’s economy. Add to that the football success, with Newcastle now 4th in the league and heading straight for the championship for the first time since 2002, and you’ve got booming businesses all over the toon.

Of course, Newcastle had a vibrant entrepreneur and business community before – read on to see why this vibrant city is increasingly being seen as a Northern powerhouse of business and innovation.

Flourishing Tech Sector

Newcastle has earned its stripes as a hub of technological innovation. With over 25,000 people employed in the digital tech sector and boasting the fastest-growing tech sector outside London, the city offers a dynamic environment for tech start-ups and established firms alike. Major tech companies like Sage and Ubisoft have set up bases in the city, and local innovators are making strides in areas like software development, digital marketing, and gaming.

High-Quality Talent Pool

Home to two respected universities – Newcastle University and Northumbria University – the city is continually fed by a stream of highly qualified graduates, particularly in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects. This abundant supply of fresh talent is a significant draw for businesses looking to harness the best and brightest.

Robust Support Networks

Newcastle offers strong support for businesses, with initiatives like Newcastle City Council’s business support services and the North East Growth Hub providing advice, funding, and networking opportunities – thus leading to incredible potential for business growth and consumer retention, fuelled by consumer incentive schemes that reward B2B and B2C communities. The city also features thriving co-working spaces and incubators, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among businesses of all sizes. 

Excellent Connectivity

Newcastle’s strategic location and excellent transport links make it an attractive hub for businesses. Newcastle International Airport provides connections to over 80 worldwide destinations, while the city’s rail and road links ensure easy access to the rest of the UK.

Commitment to Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Newcastle is making significant strides in the realm of renewable energy and sustainability, making it an appealing base for green businesses. Initiatives like the Newcastle Helix, a landmark sustainable urban development project, reflect the city’s ambition to be at the forefront of smart city technology and sustainable solutions.

Rich Cultural and Recreational Opportunities

In addition to its business appeal, Newcastle offers an exceptional quality of life. With a rich cultural scene, including museums, galleries, music festivals, and a host of dining and shopping options, Newcastle provides an enriching living experience that attracts and retains top talent.

Competitive Costs

Compared to other UK cities, particularly those in the south, Newcastle offers competitive business costs. From office rental prices to living costs, businesses and their employees can enjoy the benefits of city living without the hefty price tag associated with other major UK cities.

Newcastle upon Tyne’s progressive business environment, abundant talent pool, and outstanding quality of life make it an ideal location for businesses looking to grow and thrive. This vibrant northern city has successfully reinvented itself as a hub of modern industry and innovation while preserving its rich historical charm. As a result, Newcastle is increasingly being recognised as a powerhouse in the UK business landscape.

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