Newcastle’s Retro Gaming Competition: Original Long Drink x NQ64

Newcastle’s Retro Gaming Competition: Original Long Drink x NQ64

Ready Player One? This Drinks Brand is Bringing an Old-School Gaming Tournament to Newcastle 

Each Competition Will Run Once a Month at NQ64 NEWCASTLE

Fancy yourself as Newcastle’s top gamer? You’re about to get the opportunity to prove yourself as Hartwall Original® Long Drink and NQ64 partner for a series of gaming tournaments.

On 21st February,  ‘gin in a tin’ AKA Original® Long Drink and retro arcade game & classic console venue NQ64 will be bringing the people of Newcastle a monthly competition, which will kick off with the iconic Street Fighter II Turbo, a favourite amongst gamers.

Entry to the competition is free and includes Hartwall Original® Long Drink, plus a couple of slices of pizza per person and the chance to be crowned the winner of Street Fighter II Turbo.

Players will be competing for medal positions, with 1st place prizes including tokens to use at NQ64 Newcastle, some tins of Original® Long Drink and a mystery goody bag. 

Original® Long Drink – or gin in a tin as it’s more commonly known – is made of Finnish artisan gin, with handpicked natural ingredients, and was originally made for the Helsinki Olympics way back in 1952 to make it easier for bartenders to serve thirsty tourists. Refreshment guaranteed, the OG flavour is gin and grapefruit soda but there’s also orange or cranberry to choose from. You’ll probably recognise them by their infamous stripy cans – the packaging that hasn’t changed since 1952. How much more retro can you get?

It’s time to get your 80’s on and enter the hottest competition in Newcastle, to sign up and enter, message @NQ64Newcastle on Instagram. 

Onnea! (That’s good luck in Finnish) And may the best Street Fighter player win!

The following competition night will be held on 28th March, at 6PM.

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