<strong>Pilgrims Flock to Holy Island to Get in Tune with Musical Talent</strong>

Pilgrims Flock to Holy Island to Get in Tune with Musical Talent

A unique event is due to take place on Lindisfarne where music lovers can experience the iconic island at high tide and escape the pressures of city life. 

Pilgrimage To The Islands is an occasional event where attendees are marooned during high tide on the Holy Island to enjoy a host of music, art, andrevel in the natural surroundings of the island. Then as the tide ebbs a few hours later, they head back to the mainland with their souls refreshed and their musical knowledge enhanced.

Taking place on one of Northumberland’s most treasured beauty spots, with its abundance of history, culture, and nature (and which is accessible only during low tide), people will converge on the island’s Village (Crossman) Hall, where some of the region’s most exciting musical talent will be performing. Limited edition art prints inspired by the region and the music will be on sale and food and drink will be available in the hall and on the island’s pubs and cafés. 

Kathryn Williams will headline the event, with her band, consisting of Michele Stodart (The Magic Numbers), Emma Holbrook and Andy Bruce. The band will perform last year’s critically acclaimed Night Drives album. 

Also, on the bill are hotly tipped folk rock band Hector Gannet, who have helped curate the event. The band’s debut album Big Harcar, named after one of the Farne Islands, was released in Oct 2020 with song subjects including the geographical and geological formation of Northumbria ‘The Whin Sill’, and the history of the Holy Island area in ‘The Haven of St Aidan’s’.  Their new album “The Land belongs to us” has just been released. 

The line-up also consists of Ruth Lyon, Nev Clay, Ceitidh Mac, The Early Purple, Leo Bargery (formerly of Mount Doubt), and there will be spoken work /poetry with artist and poet Paul Summers.

The event in the village hall starts at 2pm and attendees can access the island anytime on the 25th Feb from 09:20 –until 16:15, when the causeway is enveloped by the rolling North Sea. Safe crossing back to the mainland is from 10pm, and there will be plenty food and drink and top-quality entertainment to keep people satisfiedduring their stay. 

Tickets: £25.00 per person, full event details here:


Holy Island Crossing Times:


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