What’s On Newcastle Theatre Royal

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Newcastle Theatre Royal has a very long and rich history.

Bang in the centre of Newcastle it is easy to get to with great public transport links.  The Monument Metro Station is just a stones throw away.

With a proscenium stage it sits up to 1,249 people.  The auditorium is set across 4 levels; Stalls, Grand Circle, Upper Circle and Gallery and Amphitheatre and all levels can be accessed via the lift.  Every year they play host to 400 performances to over 300,000 people, and put on the region’s favourite pantomime.

Granted its Royal licence by King George III, the theatre opened on Drury Lane off Mosley Street in 1788 and soon established itself as one of England’s leading theatres.

In February 1837, the Theatre moved to Grey Street, a flagship building in Grainger and Dobson’s famous city plan. It features what is generally regarded as the finest Theatre façade in the UK, later combined with a fine 1901 auditorium by the great Theatre architect, Frank Matcham, after the original interior had been destroyed by fire during a performance of Macbeth in 1899.

Newcastle’s Theatre Royal is one of only nine Grade 1 Listed theatres in England.

Many great names of the English stage have trodden its famous boards; from Keane to Irving, Olivier to Dench as well as Hollywood greats Orson Welles, Charlton Heston and Jack Lemmon. Sir Ian McKellen once described it as his favourite theatre.

Newcastle has a vibrant, diverse and much loved theatre scene with a host of venues of all sizes and styles.  There really is truly something for everyone!  You can read more about theatre in Newcastle’s, what’s on and more here.

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Grab your seat to the theatres latest shows and guaruntee front row viewing.

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