4 Ways to Have the Ultimate Match Day Experience in Newcastle

4 Ways to Have the Ultimate Match Day Experience in Newcastle

Football is the most popular sport in the UK and is deeply ingrained in our national culture.  The Newcastle area is no exception to this, with a huge fan scene, world-class clubs and players, and iconic grounds. The city’s passionate football fanbase and long sporting history mean that match days often draw massive crowds. 

What’s more, there are more opportunities than ever before to get involved and enjoy the football in the city. In this article, we’ll look at a few ways you can have the ultimate match day experience in Newcastle and the surrounding area.

Place a Bet

One of the reasons that football is the most well-loved sport in the country is the excitement that it creates among players and spectators. It’s a fast-paced game, and a single goal can often completely change a team’s fortunes. Betting has also been intertwined with football culture for all of its long history.

You can make match day even more thrilling by placing a bet for a win, draw, or loss on any game — or even more specific outcomes such as whether or not both teams will score. Sites like talkSPORT BET let you place bets on games in and outside of Newcastle. You can even play football-themed live casino games like Football Roulette and Football Studio if you want to keep playing after the final whistle blows. 

Get Tickets to the Game

If watching a football match on TV can be exciting, watching one live and in person can be even more so. What’s more — you can support your local clubs, players, and fan associations financially, ensuring that they can continue playing long into the future and keeping the sport alive.

There are plenty of iconic football grounds in the area, from Newcastle United’s world-famous St James’ Park and Sunderland’s Stadium of Light to Gateshead International Stadium, home of Gateshead FC. Down the divisions, there are also many smaller local teams that can be just as engaging to watch. Whether you’re watching the Premier League giants or local grassroots heroes, being there in the stands can truly enhance the football experience.

Get Involved Online

Unfortunately, most of us can’t always attend a game in person. Thankfully, in the 21st Century, you don’t have to travel from your sofa to feel involved and part of a bustling community. There are many online sites that stream football matches live, and many include comment sections where you can chat with other fans in real time. 

The fun doesn’t stop after the game ends, either. If you want to swap banter and chat with other football fans, you can visit fan forums and social media pages for your favourite teams. Most fans of the sport agree that half of the fun is the community and social aspect!

Make a Day of It

For many fans, match day really is a full day — not just the 90 minutes of play between kick-off and the final whistle! Planning a whole day of activities is a great way to turn the game from a passing interest into a real event.

Meeting friends in the pub to chat before the game starts can really build up excitement for kick-off, and help you to feel part of the city’s football culture. To end the day on a high, there are plenty of world-class restaurants in the Newcastle area that you can visit while celebrating (or mourning!) the game’s outcome.

The Final Whistle

Whether you’re a die-hard Magpies fan, a loyal Mackem, or a committed fan of any of the smaller local clubs, football is a way of life for many people in Newcastle. Why not go above and beyond, and enjoy match day as much as you can? After all, you’ll miss it when the season is over!

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