Nine to Five – What a way to make a show!

9 to 5 currently runs at The Savoy Theatre and i had been invited to review this now legendary Song and Film starring Dolly Parton in its stage show form by London Box Office. The show is also about to go on tour across the UK including a showing at The Sunderland Empire on 5th November 2019. Based on the 1980’s film of the same name, we see the female led cast take us through a journey of revenge as 3 employees of the office seek revenge on their egotistic, sexist brash boss played by Brian Conley. Doralee (originally played by Dolly Parton in the film) and played here by Natalie McQueen who makes the role her own is seen as a sex object that the cheating boss chases after, Chelsea Halfpenny is Judy the nervous new girl in her first job who just wants to make it through the week without getting sacked and lastly Violet the office leader who is constantly overseen for promotion because of being a woman and office politics leads the line by example played by Caroline Sheen. These ladies plot and get themselves into a sticky situation when they accidentally poison the bosses coffee of which they then look to take advantage in which to try  improve working conditions, but will they get caught in the act? Dolly Parton has been used hugely in the promotion of the show, and rightly so after all we are celebrating her music! Pre recorded video messages and introductions ensure she still plays a part in the show. In a generation that is #MeToo the actions and jokes shown in the show would not be tolerated nowadays in the workplace, some say its still an ongoing cause but it has a core message of equality that shows this was ahead of its time for women’s rights. However this show knows its time period and injects humour into it throughout and is just an all out laugh out loud experience that doesn’t take itself seriosuly. This musical is a fun night out for all. It shares jokes, great songs as written by the queen of country herself Dolly Parton and a story line that keeps you entertained throughout. Brian Conley convincingly comes across great as the male chauvinist of a boss. The female led cast lead excellently and are all engaging in their respective rights. You will hear a range of songs and repeats of the title song a few times, so just as well its one of our favourites. There are a couple of songs that arent included that i might have liked, but when you have a back catalogue like Parton does, you have a hard choice ensuring you please everyone! if you are in London  -Then pop along to see it at The Savoy Theatre or book your tickets for when the tour hits Sunderland at the Sunderland Empire. Showing at The Savoy Theatre until May 2020 Showing at The Sunderland Empire November 2019 Thanks for reading,


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