<strong><em>A Beast of a Number of Books Written by Consett Author</em></strong>

A Beast of a Number of Books Written by Consett Author

An ex-children’s entertainer who found his work had dried up after the recession when Consett Steelworks closed in the 80’s has reinvented himself and become one of the world’s most prolific authors in his specialist subject matter. 

Simon Robson from Consett who writes under the pen name S Rob created his company Werevamp Ltd as a means to promote his research and books about the paranormal. 

He is a world authority on magick and the paranormal and is known internationally for his work researching occultism which he practices helping people with difficulties in their lives. 

“People assume that occultism is all about going down the path of evil, but I’ve found that when used correctly, it can help people to improve their situation in life. It’s really about self-improvement, protecting yourself from negative influences and internally making yourself feel better,” said Simon. “The magick I write about does transform people and helps the reader target things that they might need to change themselves in a positive way. 

“Since I started writing, my concentration levels arebetter and I’m more confident too. Sometimes when you have experienced hard times, there doesn’t seem to be a conventional option, but I want to give people the choice to look at things differently and use the ancient toolset I provide to help them.” 

Simon started writing after his work dried up as a children’s entertainer when Consett steelworks closed down. He tried various other jobs including being a video psychic which led him to write a book about his experiences. His books quickly became popular online,and he decided to turn professional around 11 years ago writing about subjects including voodoo, spirits and Celtic magick. He has a particular interest in the powers associated with Gods and Deities.

He is now celebrating writing his 666th book – a landmark number in the paranormal world. The book is called Summoning Solar Deities and it is about sun gods and sun goddesses. It looks at how magick works in tandem with the sun all over the world from Australia and New Zealand to Africa and Egypt. 

“666 is a very important number in occultism and indeed, the Bible too. It is said to represent The Devil although many believe it was either a mistaken attempt to represent Caesar: the leader of the Roman Empire: or an attempt to represent a Jewish rival to Jesus. Interestingly some people are afraid of the Satanic associations of 666 and suffer from a phobia called hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.”

“I know occultism isn’t everyone’s first choice in reading,but the fact is that I have sold many, many thousands of books and I’ve also just finished book 666 which indicates that there is a growing audience for my work and if it helps just one person, then my job as a specialist author has been worthwhile.”

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