AURORA is a special kind of human, a one who’s music enchants and inspires, as well as makes you feel like you can change the world. With environmentally empowered lyrics and a soft, beautiful voice, she is a one to watch.

You may think youve never heard of her before, but I can guarantee you have. In 2015, AURORA covered Oasis’ ‘Half The World Awaywhich was featured in the John Lewis Christmas ad that same year. Soon after, in 2016 her first album, All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friendwas released. Aurora has been writing music since she was twelve years old and learning piano when she was just six. Shes a natural born musician, being influenced by artists such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and more.

I had the pleasure of seeing AURORA in 2016, upon the release of her first album, which hit over 200 million streams, and have been highly anticipating another gig since, especially since her songwriting has evolved into creating politically charged, beautiful songs. AURORA is mad at the world, and rightly so, arent most of us? Its important to listen to music that lights something inside of us and makes us feel like we can make a change. The Seedis a song about climate change, and how when the world is gone, we cannot eat the money we are all chasing.

The gig was at the Boilershop, one of my personal favourite venues in Newcastle. From a tiny venue in 2016, to four years later almost selling out the Boilershop, its evident how AURORA has grown from a smaller artist into someone pretty incredible. The event was packed out with a mix crowd. AURORA was supported by fellow Norwegian artist, Iris, performing her electronic pop set. Iris had a brilliant voice, and reminded me a lot of the artist Sigrid. Definitely a one to check out if you like pop with a little bit of an edge!

Around 9pm, AURORA burst onto stage with Churchyardand the crowd went wild, a huge roar of people singing along to every lyric. Her and her band played a setlist of sixteen songs, but the audience still wanted more. I think all of us in that room could have listened to her all night, it was a very special evening. AURORA talked a lot about Newcastle, and how she remembers it from 2016 and she even visited the Newcastle vs Bournemouth game that day.

AURORA is not afraid to talk about issues that other artists shy away from. She is a free-spirited, wonderful unique artist who sounded so beautiful. It was quite easily one of the highlights of my year, and I hope I get to see her again soon. So check her out, stream her stuff and buy her albums, Shes a one to watch.

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