A light (trail) at the end of the tunnel | Alnwick Gardens

A light (trail) at the end of the tunnel | Alnwick Gardens

‘Twas 4 months before Christmas

But all through the night

The staff were all working to

Let there be light

They were buzzing around

Just like bees in a hive

To make sure the tickets could Finally go live!

With 2020 a distant memory and 2021 rapidly drawing to a close, The Alnwick Garden have been planning the end of year festivities to give their visitors something to look forward to.

With the Winter Light Trail of 2020 attracting over 35,000 visitors, this year’s is bigger, brighter and will be running for longer.  And now tickets are available to purchase, people are already starting to get into the Christmas spirit!

Mark Brassell, Garden Director, said “Last year’s light trail was full of messages of hope and positivity at the end of a difficult year and we had so much positive feedback from all of our visitors.  This year, we wanted to take it to a new level by commissioning more installations and running for a longer period, allowing anyone who missed out last year the chance to visit.”

With social distancing regulations starting to relax this has meant that the staff at The Alnwick Garden have been able to plan an end of year festive celebration like no other.

Ian McAllister, Head of Marketing and Communications said “we have all felt the strain this year be it on a financial, physical or mental level, so by way of putting it all behind us we have gone all out with our Christmas plans for 2021.  We will see the return of both Santa (the real one!) and Father Christmas and the amazing Stephen Telford has even written a magical Christmas story – “The Forgotten Snowman” – which is being produced as a book for everyone to enjoy!

Tickets for the full festive experience will be fully available in September, but Winter Light Trail tickets are available to purchase online now, and priced at only £12.10 per adult they represent excellent value!”

Full details are available at www.alnwickgarden.com/christmas

Photo credit Fiona Mitcheson

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