Breaking Bad Inspired Bar” ABQ heads to Newcastle

Breaking Bad Inspired Bar” ABQ heads to Newcastle

Lollipop are proud to announce the opening of its flagship concept, ABQ, in Newcastle this summer 

ABQ, commonly also dubbed as the Breaking Bad Inspired Bar, is one of Lollipop’s oldest concepts with a permanent home in London and pop-ups in Paris, New York and Manchester. 

At the time of this press release, there are already over 600 people in the waiting list for reservations to open. 

The experience entails guests entering an American RV, dressing up in yellow hazmat suits as chemists and “cooking” their cocktails. ABQ will pop up in Newcastle this summer for 3 months only. 

“We have always wanted to open our concepts in other great cities in the UK. We are proud to be partnering up with Lane 7 in Newcastle to bring this experience up north” Seb Lyall, Founder Lollipop

Lollipop is a hospitality group based in London with restaurants and bars all over the Capital and Paris, notably ABQ London, The Bletchley, Jolie, The Grid, Saint Pizzeria and The Bunyadi (The Naked restaurant). During the lockdown, Lollipop also introduced Cocktails by Lollipop, a ready to drink list of handmade cocktails, including garnishes, which are delivered all over the UK. The group was founded by Sebastian Lyall in 2015. 

ABQ London is one of Lollipop’s most successful concepts with over 83,000 people in the waiting list before it opened its doors to the public in 2015. Since then hundreds of thousands of people have visited ABQ from all over the world. 

Time Out calls ABQ “…mindblowing”, Tatler said “The best thing we have seen in a long time” and now we can’t wait for the residents of Newcastle and around to enjoy this much loved experience. 

The experience lasts 2 hours, which includes 3 molecular cocktails (2 of which guests make themselves). The RV takes 30 people at a time and will also be open for larger/corporate events. ABQ Newcastle plans to open its door to public in September and a waiting list is now open for people to sign up pre-opening at


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