A NEWCASTLE restaurant which has been praised by celebs for its authentic dishes has unveiled its new menu.

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Dosa Kitchen at Osborne Road hit the headlines after Place in the Sun presenter, Jonnie Irwin, took to social media to rave about its Southern Indian cuisine.

The restaurant is also a firm favourite of Hairy Biker, Si King, who is a regular visitor.

And now there’s even more reasons to visit, with a brand new menu which brings to life the flavours and food traditions of Southern India, as well as a recent refurbishment of the premises.

Diners can enjoy small plates including dishes such as Chicken 65, a classic recipe which features chunks of spiced chicken breast served with a dip with a cauliflower version available as a vegetarian option.

The dosas – a thin, lace like pancake – are served on their own, with sambhar (a lentil and vegetable stew, with two chutneys) or with the options of a range of fillings including spicy onions, potato masala or grated paneer and coriander.

Main courses include fish, meat and vegetarian and vegan curries created with Southern Indian spicing as well as a number of biriyani, rice and breads.

The restaurant also offers a range of “Tuk Tuk” Kothu Parota, a flaky bread which is ripped up and mixed with a number of ingredients and spices.

The dish has Tuk Tuk in its name because the chopping noise made in the kitchen to create the dish sounds like the sound made by the automated rickshaws which are popular forms of transport in India.

Co-owner, Sudharsan Murugavel, is hoping that the new menu will be as popular as the previous offering.

“We have kept many of our most popular dishes but we’ve added new options for people to try,” he said.

“Southern Indian cuisine is very different to what most people’s experience of Indian food is. It tends to be much healthier as we don’t cook with lots of butter or cream, but instead it’s all about the spicing.

“It has gone down extremely well so far and of course we were absolutely delighted with the reaction we had from Jonnie Irwin, who loved it so much that he mentioned Dosa Kitchen on his social media.

“We are really looking forward to welcoming new guests to sample what we have to offer.”

For further information visit www.dosakitchen.co.uk

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